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Human’s life is being diverse and bright. We go to school, go to work, go shopping, and go travelling. We cook, consume, cure, and construct. Every step we forward, with the waste behind. So what makes our city and environment clean and well ordered?


At the beginning, city managers arrange manual labors to clean the street, to collect the waste, and then people found it inefficient. The amount of waste is growing everyday but the limited labors cannot handle it in time. As expected, machines come. They take the work over, finish the work regularly and stable, and solve the problems those people cannot. In the meantime, people are more expected to regulate the equipment to service for human. 


Later, another problem comes. We’ve collected the waste, but how to deal with them if they cannot disappear automatically? The waste does not only takes up the space but also pollute the environment. Luckily, it is still useful. Technologies help the waste to be reduction and recycled. 


It’s an honor for FULONGMA to do a business benefit human’s life and happiness. We are glad that we can provide almost all the types of equipment that a city or rural area need to do with cleaning and waste collecting, we can also help the government to operate the municipal service like road cleaning, waste transferring, public toilet management, river cleaning, equipment maintenance etc. The last, we can provide the technology and facility to make the waste recycled. 


FULONGMA’s target is to be a whole industry chain company who can solve all problems at a time without you worrying about other issues. Believe us, we are the partner you need.



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