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FULONGMA R&D Center Building


Won the bid for the road cleaning service project in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City.

Won the bid for district sanitation operation service marketization (Trinity) project in Cangshan District, Fuzhou City.

Won the bid for urban sanitation operations purchase project in Jishui County.

Won the bid for the procurement of environmental cleaning services in Shijing Town.

Won the bid for the social service project of road cleaning and garbage collection in Zhangping City.

Won the bid for the comprehensive environmental sanitation service project in Jiexi County, Guangdong Province.

Won the bid for community cleaning service projects in Xiamen Port and Kaiyuan District.

Won the bid for the procurement of peripheral road cleaning services of Environmental Sanitation Management Office in Haimen City.

Won the bid for the rural sanitation service project in Longhua District, Haikou City.

“FULONGMA Young Volunteers Association” was established.

The FULONGMA R&D Center building was completed.

The first domestic diesel-electric power decoupling single-engine washing vehicle was released.

Longma Environmental Sanitation was selected as the first batch of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises.



Signed a sanitation integration PPP project with the Longhua District Government of Haikou City.

Established holding subsidiary: Haikou Longma Environmental Sanitation Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

Acquired Fujian Longhuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. and made it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company.

Won the bid for environmental sanitation operation service project in the old city area of Hunnan District, Shenyang City.

Won the bid for cleaning service outsourcing “Three Sanitation Responsibilities” project in the new city area of Xinglin Street, Xiamen City.

Winning the bid of “Bayannur Municipal Environmental Development Co., Ltd. Public Bid (Transaction) Public Notice for Clean and Sanitary Vehicles”. It is the largest purchase amount of the company in the field of sanitation equipment.

Longma Environmental Sanitation launched the first all-weather cleaning operation truck in China.

Longma Environmental Sanitation won the “2015 Fujian Provincial Government Quality Award”.

Won the bid for the 2016 road cleaning project in Ouhai District, Wenzhou City.

Won the bid for the integrated sanitation and cleaning service project in the downtown of Longyan City.

Won the bid for the market-oriented management project of sanitation in Guizhou Xinpu Economic Development Zone.

Longma Environmental Sanitation won the “Most Growth Value Award” from the word-of-mouth list of listed companies in China.

Longma Sanitation - Stock Code: 603686.


The company was successfully listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, stock abbreviation: Longma Sanitation; stock code: 603686.

Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Urban Construction Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Take the lead in setting up the Environmental Sanitation Operation Management Committee of China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation, and has become the director company.

Won the bid for the environmental sanitation integration PPP project in Longhua District, Haikou City.



Successively won multiple bids for environmental sanitation operation projects, constantly accumulating project experience, summarizing service management models, and cultivating management teams.

Successfully completed the large-scale service projects such as the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and Beijing APEC Conference.

Passed the review by the CSRC issue review committee.

Environmental sanitation operation projects


Successfully won the bid for cleaning projects of main and secondary roads in some urban areas of Longyan City.

The invention patent (200710009232.3) of “Sanitation Vehicle with Road Brushing Device” won the National Patent Excellence Award.

Wholehearted Service Caring Forever


The company began to form the sanitation operation service team to explore the sanitation operation service business.

Start a nationwide service tour to build a service brand image and enhance core competitiveness.

Start IPO declaration.


The company started to prepare the environmental sanitation operation service business.


With the completion of system certifications of occupational health, quality management, and environmental management, the company’s business management has entered a continuous mature and standardized stage.

60th Anniversary of the National Day Parade


The company became the clean service unit for the 60th anniversary of the National Day parade.

Beijing Olympics and Paralympics


The company became an excellent service support company for large-scale projects such as the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics.

Rated as a national high-tech enterprise.


The joint-stock company was established to complete the transformation of the shareholding system.


Introduce advanced foreign garbage collection equipment technology to create a path of integrated innovation and development.


The whole company moved to Longyan Economic and Technological Development Zone. With its own factory, the company entered a stage of rapid development.


In response to new changes in the sanitation equipment industry, the construction of a new plant was started in the Longyan Economic and Technological Development Zone.


The outbreak of SARS has prompted the country to increase investment in urban environmental sanitation. The sanitation equipment industry has entered a new era.


With the enforcement of State-owned restructuring, all employees transformed as self-employment, and formed a management team with Zhang Guifeng as the core.


The road sweeper has been approved by Shanghai customers and entered the main urban area for sale, gradually replacing similar foreign equipment.


The company formerly known as Longma Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was established in Longyan City, Fujian Province. It transformed from a special vehicle department into an independent legal entity.

Fujian Automobile Factory


Longma Group formally annexed Fujian Automobile Factory and received all the assets of Fujian Automobile Factory in the form of debt. Fujian Automobile Factory became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Longma Group.

150,000th Longma Agricultural Vehicle


The 150,000th Longma agricultural vehicle was off the assembly line.


Longma Group Company and Shandong Qingzhou Agricultural Machinery Company, one of the top ten agricultural machinery distribution enterprises in the country, jointly established Qingzhou Longma Agricultural Vehicle Manufacturing Co. In the following year, 21,832 agricultural vehicles were produced, an increase of 45% over the previous year. A total of 21,602 agricultural vehicles were sold.


In order to enhance its competitive strength, the former Longyan Longma Industrial Company implemented cross-regional, cross-industry, and cross-sectoral cooperation to form the “Fujian Longma Group” and the “Fujian Longma Group Company”. In that year, the production of Longma agricultural transport vehicles was 20,680, an increase of 2.5% over 1993. The total industrial output value was 580 million RMB, an increase of 7.7% over 1993. It was rated as China’s 100 Largest Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises by the National Bureau of Statistics.



The production of LONGMA brand agricultural transport vehicles produced by Fujian Longma Group Company reached 20,185 units, an increase of 80.42% over the previous year. The sales volume reached 20.17 million RMB, an increase of 75.54% over the previous year, accounting for about 1/9 of the total output of agricultural vehicles in the country. The total industrial output value was 432 million RMB, sales revenue was 558 million RMB, and taxes profits were 31.5 million RMB. The output, quality and sales volume all rank first in the country.

1,000 LONGMA Agricultural Vehicles Exported to Vietnam


1,000 LONGMA agricultural vehicles exported to Vietnam. Longyan Tractor Factory and Longyan Oil Pump & Nozzle Factory jointly established LONGMA Industrial Company. Annual production reached 11,188 vehicles per year, and the company achieved sales of 288.5 million RMB. At the same time, the company also developed 6 kinds of LONGMA FL1508 series of small agricultural transport vehicles, which were awarded as the Excellent New Products of Fujian Province. 


Invested 2.92 million RMB to build a cab production line and an assembly line. The annual product capacity reached 5972 and reached sales of 141 million RMB.

New Agricultural Transport Truck


Complete the upgrading of products, the four-cylinder new agricultural transport truck was invented and rewarded as the National Top-10 Product Award. Annual sales reached 58.16 million RMB.

Reached the capacity to produce 3,000 vehicles per year.


Reached the capacity to produce 3,000 vehicles per year.


The technical upgrade project finished.


Started to implement the technical upgrade project of agricultural vehicle production line, with a total investment of 2.5 million RMB.


The first tractor with windshield and the steering wheel in China invented.

Longyan Tractor Factory


The company was formerly known as Longyan Tractor Factory, established with a total investment of 150.61 million RMB. It’s the earliest automobile manufacturer in Fujian Province.