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FULONGMA road maintenance vehicle configuration, function, and characteristics

2021-12-20 10:45:55

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The road maintenance vehicle is a road surface, platform, sidewalk, and city appearance cleaning vehicle developed by our company according to market needs. The product is small and flexible, beautiful in appearance, comfortable in the cab, easy to operate, and high in reliability. It can clean roads and sidewalks under high pressure. , It can effectively clean up dead spots, advertisements, etc.

road maintenance vehicle

01. Road maintenance vehicle configuration

The van-style vehicle model is safer and more stylish. The engine adopts Quanchai’s 67 horsepower and is equipped with a secondary engine that drives the high-pressure water pump. The working pressure can reach 30MPA, the water tank volume is 1.5 cubic meters, and the road flushing device is installed in front of the cab. There are 7 nozzles, a flow rate of 11.7L/min, a single operation time of about 3 hours, a single-point spray gun, and curtain doors for fire trucks on three sides, which are atmospheric and beautiful. Optional long warning lights, optional hand push vehicles, optional high-pressure pump imported from Italy.

road maintenance vehicle

02. Advantages of road maintenance vehicles

1. The front scrubbing device has high pressure.

2. Fixed-point spraying, efficient and concentrated, easy to clean all kinds of dead corners.

3. The rear manual spray gun is the nemesis of small advertisements.

4. Lightweight, compact, water broom with anti-spatter protection cover, which can clean and wash areas such as roadside rest benches, narrow platforms, walls, and so on.

road maintenance vehicle

The flushing pipe with 7 nozzles at the front of the car washes the road in a wide range; the adjustable flushing pipe with 6 nozzles at the rear of the car washes the dead corners of the road; oil, chewing gum and other dirt are cleaned by the onboard high-pressure water gun. The tank of this vehicle comes with half a ton of clean water, which can effectively clean a one-kilometer section. Compared with manual cleaning, it saves nearly 4 tons of water per kilometer. Moreover, in the past, manual cleaning required 40 people per kilometer of sidewalks, which took 5 hours to complete, while sidewalk cleaning vehicles only required 3 people and could be completed in 1 hour.

road maintenance vehicle

03. Use of road maintenance vehicles

1. The fixed-point cleaning device can realize the deflection in the up, down, left and right directions, which is used to clean the roadside and dead corners; during operation, the water pressure of the system can reach 15Mpa.

2. Equipped with a high-pressure hand-held spray gun for cleaning the dirty oily ground, and wall advertising, and other operations, the system water pressure can reach 15MPa.

3. Equipped with a disc cleaning device (commonly known as a water broom) for cleaning the deposited soil on the ground, yellow markings, etc.

4. The seven-hole scrubber is matched with the high-pressure pipe delivered with the car, and the cleaning distance can reach 15 meters. It can clean sidewalks and other roads that cannot be entered by vehicles.

04. Pavement maintenance vehicle function

1. The whole vehicle adopts a flat oval shape, the tank body, and the sidewall arc transition, and is equipped with imported paint, which makes the whole vehicle proportional and beautiful, and adapts to the overall appearance requirements of modern cities for special equipment.

road maintenance vehicle

2. The front washing telescopic arm has the function of avoiding obstacles by itself, and will not cause structural damage when colliding with the roadside.

3. The three-stage front cleaning water curtain can form a plane to ensure a good road cleaning effect and is equipped with water mist shielding curtains, and the vapor mist generated during operation is small.

4. Adopt auxiliary engine to drive high-pressure water pump technology, high-efficiency power transmission mode, high reliability; high-pressure cleaning and low-pressure spraying can be operated at the same time.

road maintenance vehicle

5. The key components such as high-pressure water pump, precision nozzle, and air circuit components are imported parts with reliable performance to ensure the long-term and reliable use of the vehicle.

6. Fully pneumatic system, abandoning the defects of high cost and inconvenient maintenance of hydraulic system, and no oil leakage and pollution.

7. The tank has a large capacity and a long continuous operation time; the inner wall of the water tank is sprayed with an anti-corrosion layer by advanced technology, which is not rusty; all stainless steel tanks are available for selection.

road maintenance vehicle

8. The vehicle is equipped with diversified functions: cleaning the road surface, powerful multi-angle dredging, cleaning guardrails, high-pressure spray gun washing, low-level and large-flow washing, road spraying, etc. In addition, a variety of optional configurations can be provided according to user needs: spray humidification and dust reduction, left and right side watering, lifting platform, isolation fence cleaning, sound barrier cleaning, front spray deicing agent, standby fire protection, etc.