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How to clean the fallen leaves on the lawn? FULONGMA small electric street vacuum sweeper will solve it for you

2021-12-16 10:14:42

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Every city has a lot of flowers, plants, and trees, but more and more flowers, plants and trees, while improving our living environment, it also brings certainly fallen leaves cleaning problems. How to effectively remove the fallen leaves of the lawn has always been a headache. At present, there are many landscape plants around the lawn, forming a form of enclosure, which is not suitable for large-scale equipment work. Manual cleaning is used, and there are low work efficiency and work intensity. Great feature.

fallen leaves

At present, the existing cleaning devices for fallen leaves are mainly used on hard road surfaces, and large-scale machinery for cleaning roads has also been developed correspondingly, such as automatic sweepers, sweepers, sweepers, dust-free sweepers, sweepers, and road sweepers. Machines, road sweepers, electric sweepers, snow sweepers, lawn repair machines, garbage collection trucks, etc., all equipment adopts the processing method mainly to use roller brushes to clean the road and use large fans to suck away fallen leaves.

small electric street sweeper

The roller brush cleaning device is suitable for hardened pavement, but not suitable for lawn, because this kind of cleaning equipment is heavy and bulky, and it is easy to crush the lawn; secondly, the cleaning effect of the roller brush on the lawn is not ideal, and it is easy to push the fallen leaves into the grass. , More difficult to clean up. The large-scale fan suction method also has the defects that the equipment is heavy and bulky, and it is easy to damage the lawn. At the same time, because the fallen leaves are floating on the lawn, the effect of sucking away the fallen leaves is not ideal.

small electric street vacuum sweeper

In response to this situation, FULONGMA’s newly developed small street vacuum sweeper is a good choice. Small size, lightweight, flexible steering, mainly cleaning and collecting lighter garbage, such as fallen leaves, beverage bottles, peel confetti, etc., and can also clean the stains on the hard surface, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers. Improve work efficiency. Operators need to carry the following signal transmitter with them, turn on the vacuum vehicle, hold the vacuum tube, and turn on the fan to suck up the garbage when cleaning road garbage, and turn on the high-pressure water for cleaning.

small electric street vacuum sweeper

Street vacuum sweepers are gradually becoming popular, and there are different names for this type of equipment, such as small vacuum sweepers, mini vacuum sweepers, street vacuum sweepers, vacuum sweepers, alley cleaning equipment, follow-up vacuum sweepers… Street vacuum sweepers are so convenient and practical. It is conceivable that in the near future, street vacuum sweepers will appear on the streets of parks, streets, and gardens.