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The working principle and advantages of the FULONGMA vacuum sweeper truck

2021-12-14 11:21:21

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The vacuum sweeper truck is special equipment designed and developed by FULONGMA, with independent intellectual property rights, and a new generation of international environmental cleaning and dust and particle material recovery. The vacuum vehicle has a complete chassis and cab, complete engine and transmission, braking and driving systems; complete dump mechanism, complete electrical appliances, instruments, and indicator systems.

01. Detailed picture of vacuum sweeper truck

vacuum sweeper truck

02. Working principle of vacuum sweeper truck

The dust collector is a new type of environmental protection and sanitation equipment developed with new patented technology. It has changed the traditional way of sweeping with the disc brush and rolling brush of the road sweeper, and all use the working principle of negative pressure direct suction to complete the work and can filter micron particles, effectively reduce dust pollution, and simultaneously filter inhalable particles. Improve air quality, reduce the content of inhalable particulate matter in the air, and improve the respiratory health of the people.

vacuum sweeper truck

03. Advantages of vacuum sweeper trucks

The vacuum sweeper truck has changed the traditional way of sweeping with a disc brush in the past, and all use airflow to complete the work. The dust and garbage are collected and stored by the airflow movement method, so the efficiency is very high. This product can effectively reduce dust pollution, improve air quality, reduce the content of inhalable particles in the air, and improve people’s living environment. Its characteristics:

vacuum sweeper truck

A. Full suction thousand styles. The operation is all completed by airflow, combined with blowing and suction, without primary dust and no secondary dust.

B. No brushes and no water spraying, dry suction type, the car is clean as soon as it crosses the ground.

C. Good cleaning effect. From tens of micrometers of dust to 8, 9 cm of stones, bricks, leaves, and other debris can be effectively removed, the cleaning efficiency is more than 98%, it can be said that “sweeping ten times is worse than sucking once”.

vacuum sweeper truck

D. Simple structure, few wearing parts, convenient use and maintenance, and simple operation.

04. Components of Vacuum sweeper truck

The vacuum sweeper truck is modified on the basis of the second-class chassis. In order to make its structure safe and reliable, and easy to process, the auxiliary beam structure is designed. All the structural parts, dust suction engine, etc. are all connected to the auxiliary beam, and then the modified part is hoisted from the auxiliary beam and connected to the chassis frame to complete the final assembly.