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Introduction to the features of FULONGMA’s latest dry and wet sweeper truck

2021-10-13 09:44:21

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With the continuous improvement of urban appearance and environmental protection requirements, FULONGMA has strengthened the development of new products. Today, FULONGMA brings you a wet and dry sweeper. This product has high technical content. After being put on the market, it has been favored and praised by the majority of users.

dry and wet sweeper truck

01. Working principle of dry and wet sweeper truck

1. Clean

The auxiliary engine drives the hydraulic oil pump and the fan to work. The hydraulic oil pump drives the left and right scavenging discs to stretch, lift and rotate. The left and right broom boards sweep the garbage from both sides to the bottom of the broom and in front of the suction nozzle. When the fan is working, the air duct composed of the dustbin, the suction pipe, and the suction nozzle generates a high-speed airflow. The rubbish is sucked into the suction nozzle and into the rubbish bin under the action of the airflow. The vacuum hood on the broom board sucks the dust into the dustbin through the working principle of the cyclone separator. The chassis engine drives the sweeper to move forward, and the garbage sweeping to the front of the suction nozzle continuously enters the suction nozzle and is continuously sucked into the garbage can to achieve road cleaning.

dry and wet sweeper truck

2. Dust reduction

The trash can is designed in layers, the dust is filtered by the filter cartridge and the clean air is discharged, and the granular garbage enters the trash can directly. On rainy days or wet roads, all garbage directly enters the garbage bin in the form of gravity sedimentation through the switching air duct. Through inertial separation, impact separation, and filter separation, the garbage and dust sucked into the compartment are removed. The first dry dust removal mechanism is adopted to realize the automatic dust removal of the filter system.

dry and wet sweeper truck

02. Functional configuration of dry and wet sweeper truck

The structure of the sweeping device adopts a combination of sweeping and suction. The two large pan sweeps and the wide suction nozzle cooperate with each other to thoroughly sweep away the rubbish at the corners of the road and the thick dust and sand.

dry and wet sweeper truck

The use of high-quality control switches reduces the possibility of failure. The dry sweeper uses two central sweeping pans, which are wider and easier to absorb garbage.

Using high-performance stable hydraulic motor, long service life. The high-precision filter element is oil-proof and waterproof, and the effect is particularly good.

dry and wet sweeper truck

It adopts five advanced dust suppression and dust removal technologies, including an airtight dust shield, negative pressure dust extraction device, air spiral centrifugal dust removal device, fan exhaust stratified internal circulation device, and real-time pulse cleaning secondary air filter device to effectively contain The secondary dust generated during the operation is eliminated, and the long-term continuous operation of the road sweeper is realized.

dry and wet sweeper truck

03. Performance characteristics of dry and wet sweeper truck

It runs all-weather, whether it is windy, rainy, or cloudless, it can be changed at any time, and it has the dual functions of sweeper and vacuum cleaner.

When working on dry roads, open the filter channel to filter the air, effectively avoiding secondary pollution.

In a humid environment, close the filter channel to prevent clogging of the filter element, and install a dust cover on the rotating part of the dust collecting tray to prevent dust from flying and make the environment more beautiful.