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Introduction to the configuration and characteristics of FULONGMA self-loading garbage truck

2021-10-05 11:34:11

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Self-loading and unloading garbage trucks, also known as bucket-type garbage trucks, are special sanitation vehicles that are used with iron and plastic buckets for loading garbage. It can be equipped with multiple garbage cans in one truck, which reduces equipment costs and increases collection management. The space is mainly used for sanitation departments and communities for domestic garbage collection, large-scale industrial and mining enterprise garbage removal and transportation, etc.

01. Multi-picture display of self-loading garbage trucks

self-loading garbage truck

02. Self-loading and unloading garbage truck body loading configuration

The box of the self-loading garbage truck is made of high-quality carbon steel plates. The rear of the box is equipped with a hanging bucket lifting mechanism, which can automatically lift the garbage can to pour garbage. It is common for 120/240L plastic buckets. The top of the hoist is automatically flipped, with manual The throttle can improve work efficiency. The bottom of the box has double hydraulic cylinders for lifting and self-unloading. The rear of the box is equipped with a water-retaining groove to prevent sewage from leaking. The tailgate is equipped with a rubber seal to prevent secondary pollution. General trash cans can be used together: iron Barrels, plastic barrels (120L/240L/360L).

self-loading garbage truck

03. Product introduction of the self-loading garbage truck

1. Components: well-known brand original chassis (national warranty), box device (sealed), power take-off, multi-way reversing valve, self-loading device, hydraulic system, operating system, etc.

self-loading garbage truck

2. Box device: It is a sealed structure, with a feeding box cover at the rear of the box, a self-loading device on the side, and a discharge door at the rear of the box.

3. Self-loading device: The self-loading device is located at the rear of the box and consists of a bracket, a cylinder, a chain structure, and a hook. This device can lift the trash in the external trash can into the box.

self-loading garbage truck

4. Hydraulic system: It is composed of an oil tank, oil pump, multi-way reversing valve, hydraulic cylinder, oil filter, and pipeline. This system can realize various special functions for loading and unloading garbage.

5. Operating system: The conversion of various functions can be realized through this system. The loading and unloading work can be completed by manipulating the handle of the multi-way reversing valve. (When operating the multi-way reversing valve, a power take-off should be attached to drive the oil pump to work).

self-loading garbage truck

04. Main features of the self-loading garbage truck

1. The garbage collection method is simple, efficient, environmentally friendly (no secondary pollution), reliable quality, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, and low operating costs. It is widely applicable to the garbage disposal in municipal sanitation, municipal administration, factories and mines, real estate communities, residential areas with a large amount of garbage, and urban streets.

self-loading garbage truck

2. It can be used with national general trash cans: iron buckets, plastic buckets (120L/240L/360L), our company can provide a large number of plastic buckets, plastic buckets, and iron buckets.

3. The compartment has good airtightness to ensure that the garbage does not leak during transportation and cause secondary pollution.

self-loading garbage truck

4. Adopting excellent engine, energy-saving and low consumption, strong loading capacity, reliable quality, no leakage during long-term transportation, and simple maintenance.

5. Adopt mechatronics-hydraulic integration technology, adopt mechanically, electric, and hydraulic combined automatic control system, and realize garbage loading, crushing or flattening, strong loading through special devices such as carriages, fillers, and dozers, and then the garbage Compacted and squeezed into the carriage, to the destination for automatic pushing and unloading.

self-loading garbage truck

6. The design of the vehicle meets the demand. It is made of stainless steel, which has high impact resistance, high strength, acid and alkali resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance.

7. The curved box is more beautiful than the old square box, and the volume is increased.

05. Self-loading garbage truck video