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FULONGMA Sewer Dredging & Cleaning Truck

2022-05-06 10:28:11

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1. Good driving comfort: It is modified by adopting the Dongfeng second-class vehicle chassis with emission up to the national Ⅵ standard, with small overall dimensions, small turning diameter, and small footprint during operation;

2. Fuel-saving, high-efficiency, and economical: the original imported Italian OMSI full-power power take-off is used to transfer the power of the chassis engine to the imported high-pressure water pump and the imported Roots air-cooled vacuum pump (the air-cooled vacuum pump is small in size, light in weight, and does not require a cooling water tank), no auxiliary device is needed;

Sewer Dredging & Cleaning Truck

3. Convenient cleaning: equipped with spray gun and waterway quick-release joint, which can be quickly connected to the spray gun for cleaning operations. There is a tank body self-cleaning device in the sewage tank, and the tank body can be self-cleaned when the sewage tank is discharged;

4. Complete functions and high operating efficiency: The vehicle integrates multiple functions such as washing, dredging, suction, sewage filtration, and reverse discharge, which can effectively reduce the number of vehicles and personnel and the number of round trips, which can greatly improve work efficiency, save time and cost;

5. Advanced technology, safe and reliable: high-pressure waterway, hydraulic system, vacuum system, electronic control system, etc. adopt or learn from the advanced technology of European and American professional companies, equipped with electronic control display monitoring instrument, sewage tank, and water tank level and other alarm lights, etc., High reliability of the whole machine;

Sewer Dredging & Cleaning Truck