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FULONGMA compression garbage truck configuration and functional characteristics

2021-11-24 11:31:50

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FULONGMA compression garbage trucks use after-loading fillers to dock with garbage bins or garbage hoppers and combine them into a mobile garbage transfer station to realize the pollution-free collection and removal of garbage in one vehicle with multiple buckets. Effectively prevent secondary pollution caused by scattering and flying during collection and transportation.

01. Picture of Compressed Garbage Truck

Compressed Garbage Truck

02. Compressed garbage truck body configuration

The main components such as the trash can are made of B480GNQR high-strength weather-resistant steel plate produced by Shanghai Baosteel, and are designed with an arc shape, which is simple and beautiful, has a large effective volume, outstanding overall structural performance, and strong impact resistance.

Compressed Garbage Truck

03. Features of a compressed garbage truck

1. The vehicle’s control system comprehensively utilizes the advantages of electric control, air control, and hydraulic control. The air control system is controlled by the electronic control system, and then the operation of the hydraulic valve group is controlled by the air control system, which improves the reliability and efficiency of use.

Compressed Garbage Truck

2. Using PLC (programmable controller) integrated control, the control circuit is generated in the PLC, and the logic loop is adopted to ensure that the operating instructions are executed in order, and at the same time to ensure that the operating instructions are interlocked, and only external wiring is connected, which reduces failures The occurrence rate avoids accidents caused by misoperation and improves reliability.

Compressed Garbage Truck

3. Hydraulic lifting safety circuit. In the hydraulic system of the lift loader, a one-way balance valve is set. The valve not only guarantees the steady lowering of the filler but also cuts off the direct connection between the lifting cylinder and the hydraulic oil pipe. Even if the oil pipe bursts, the filler will not fall suddenly, which improves the safety of use.

Compressed Garbage Truck

4. The compression garbage truck is in a closed state during compression, filling, and transportation. A unique drain valve is installed on the sewage tank, which is reliable in sealing and not easy to be blocked. The optional filler completely covers the feeding port of the filler, eliminating the phenomenon of flying garbage and dust caused by the disturbance of the tail airflow during the transfer process, and the appearance is more beautiful.

Compressed Garbage Truck

5. Equipped with a large-capacity sewage tank, combined with a diversion sewage collection device, can divert the sewage that leaks between the filler and the garbage tank body due to the failure of the sealing strip to the special sewage collection tank, effectively preventing the leakage of sewage The secondary pollution caused.

Compressed Garbage Truck

6. The joint part of the stuffer and the box body adopts adjustable hydraulic locking and full sealing technology, which has good sealing performance.

7. The sliding block of the push plate is made of high wear resistance alloy material, which has a long service life.

04. Compressed garbage truck working video