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FULONGMA high configuration 18-ton compression garbage truck, with good performance and durability

2021-11-17 10:04:46

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FULONGMA compression garbage truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects, transfers, cleans, and transports garbage, and avoids secondary pollution. It adopts an optimized design with a beautiful appearance and the whole vehicle is fully sealed, which effectively prevents the secondary pollution of garbage during transportation. It is widely used in the treatment and transfer of municipal solid waste.

compression garbage truck

01. Packing box on a compression garbage truck

1. The garbage bin adopts reinforced beams and steel plates welded to form a firm frame structure, the sides are arc curved surfaces, and the top is a flat reinforced rib structure. The cabinet has a beautiful appearance, is lightweight, has good stress, and has no deformation.

compression garbage truck

2. The dozer is composed of a rectangular tube frame and a folded panel. The structure should be light and handy so that the garbage can be distributed evenly and the discharge is clean.

3. The filler is mainly composed of a filler shell, a sliding plate, a scraper, and other components, and each component needs to be firm in structure and light in weight. The filling device and the box body are combined with a locking mechanism.

compression garbage truck

02. Basic configuration of a compressed garbage truck

1. The pressure filling machine is composed of sliding plates, scrapers, and other components. The garbage in the hopper is pressed into the box through the sliding up and down of the sliding plates and the rotation of the scrapers. Each component adopts a good beam plate or box structure, which is firm and light in weight. The filling bucket is made of wear-resistant high-strength steel with good wear resistance.

compression garbage truck

2. According to different garbage collection methods, different customers can choose to install bucket types (iron buckets and plastic buckets can be hung). Feeding device, bucket type feeding device, and swing arm type feeding device.

3. The lifting device of the press-filling mechanism adopts a hydraulic lifting safety circuit, and a one-way balance valve is set on the lifting cylinder in the hydraulic system. It will not cause an accident by falling suddenly.

compression garbage truck

4. The bottom of the tank is equipped with a sewage collection box, which can prevent the sewage in the tank from leaking out and effectively prevent the occurrence of secondary pollution.

5. CAN bus control system, industrial-grade local area network control, realize the automatic circulation of skateboard and scraper; electric control of the rear of the car, control in the cab, and remote control outside the car.

compression garbage truck

6. The hydraulic controller at the rear of the cab controls the work of the turnover mechanism and the pressure-filling mechanism to ensure the accuracy and reliability of each mechanism and improve the reliability of the vehicle.

03. Performance advantages of compressed garbage trucks

1. Electric and hydraulic joint control: The vehicle’s control system comprehensively utilizes the advantages of electric control and hydraulic control. The hydraulic valve group is controlled by the electric control system, which improves the reliability and efficiency of use.

compression garbage truck

2. Automatic control of engine power output: The engine power output control, namely the throttle control, can be fully automatically controlled by the electrical system to meet the power requirements of the garbage pressure filling cycle and pushing and unloading. Under other working conditions, the engine is automatically at idle speed Status can reduce power loss and failure rate, reduce fuel consumption, and improve use economy.

compression garbage truck

3. Elimination of secondary pollution: The garbage is in a closed state during compression, filling, and transportation. A special rubber sealing strip is installed on the joint surface of the dustbin and the filler, which is compressed and sealed by a locking device. A unique drain valve is installed on the sewage tank, which is reliable in sealing and not easy to be blocked.

4. Hydraulic lifting safety circuit: In the hydraulic system of the lifting loader, a two-way balance valve is set. The valve not only guarantees the steady lowering of the filler but also cuts off the direct connection between the lifting cylinder and the hydraulic hose. Even if the tubing bursts, the filler will not fall suddenly, which improves the safety of use.

compression garbage truck

5. Electronic control system: adopts PLC (programmable controller) integrated control, the control circuit is generated in the PLC, and the logic loop is used to ensure that the operating instructions are executed in order while ensuring that the operating instructions are interlocked, and there are only wiring connections outside, Reduce the failure rate, avoid accidents caused by misoperation, and improve reliability. The specially set emergency brake button can stop the rubbish filling mechanism in any state or any position, ensuring the safety of operators and equipment.

compression garbage truck

6. Sewage tank: The tank body needs to be equipped with two sewage tanks, made of carbon steel. Among them: the lower part of the after-loader is made of carbon steel and is welded to the filler as a whole. It can be filled with sewage in the filler and has a sewage outlet. There is one on the side of the middle of the vehicle, which can hold the sewage in the box and has a sewage outlet.

7. The rear part of the filler is equipped with a bucket rack (without a trash can), which can hang two 240L plastic buckets.

compression garbage truck

8. The control mode when the vehicle is working: two control modes, automatic and manual, need to be set. in:

① Automatic control system: adopts PLC (programmable controller) integrated control to ensure interlocking between operating instructions, reducing the incidence of failures, avoiding accidents caused by misoperation, and improving reliability.

② Manual control system: Adopting the way reversing valve, the operation is excellent and reliable.

04. Compressed garbage truck working video