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Advantages and functional uses of FULONGMA multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

2021-11-19 10:05:59

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The FULONGMA multifunctional dust suppression vehicle is matched with the Dongfeng chassis. The top is composed of a tank, a low-pressure sprinkler system, a dust suppression system, a high-pressure water system, an electrical system, a hydraulic system, a gas system, and other accessories. The chassis is responsible for loading and moving. The power take-off of the chassis gearbox drives the low-pressure sprinkler pump to provide power for the low-pressure sprinkler system to complete the spraying and washing operations; the generator set in the auxiliary engine compartment drives the dust suppression system operation.

multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

01. The tank configuration on the multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

1. The single operation time is long, and the single water addition operation time is greater than or equal to 100min. The tank volume is larger than that of products of the same level, and the single operation time is 10% longer than that of products of the same level.

multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

2. The tank body is made of high-quality carbon steel with good anti-corrosion performance; the exterior is painted with metal paint, and the appearance is of good quality.

3. The tank is equipped with a low water level alarm system, which can realize an automatic alarm protection function to prevent the water pump from being damaged due to a lack of water.

multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

4. There is a segmented water level gauge on the end of the tank. The water level gauge has a built-in red floating ball for water level observation. The water level gauge is visible on three sides, and the water level can be observed from the left, right, and back sides of the car body.

5. An anti-wave plate is set inside the tank to reduce the impact of water flow on the tank; the multi-functional sealed tank has a vent hole to avoid the formation of negative pressure in the tank due to water.

multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

6. The tank body is equipped with an overflow pipe, which not only ensures automatic overflow when the water is full and prompts the operator but also allows the tank to communicate with the atmosphere, avoiding the formation of negative pressure in the tank due to water.

multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

02. Multifunctional Dust Suppression Vehicle Intelligent Control System

1. Various operation methods

The fog cannon is controlled by the remote control, which can realize the function of rotating the fog cannon up and down, left and right, and can operate the whole vehicle from a long distance, which is safe and convenient.

multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

2. Job monitoring

With the sprayer motion monitoring function, the sprayer motion can be monitored in the cab without getting off the car to check. In addition, it also has a rear image function, which can not only monitor the rear of the vehicle but also be used as a reversing image to assist reversing.

multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

03. Function and characteristics of multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

The multifunctional dust suppression vehicle uses high-pressure spray to remove dust, which can effectively reduce the amount of dust in the air and purify the air. It also has the functions of road washing, garden irrigation, sprays moisturizing, sterilization, and disinfection. This product is equipped with a 100m sprayer as standard, with strong spray performance. The low-pressure sprinkler system has the functions of front flushing, sprinkling mound sprinkling, and shower spraying, and the rear high-pressure sprinkler cannon. The whole machine has rich functions, reliable operation, and high operating efficiency. Can be widely used in:

multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

1. Urban air purification.

2. Moisturizing and cooling of roads and sports venues.

3. Dust suppression in construction sites, coal yards, port stockpiles, and other storage yards, reduces the amount of dust at the source of dust pollution and reduces the risk of smog.

multifunctional dust suppression vehicle

4. After filling the liquid medicine, it is suitable for spraying and disinfection in public places such as airports, highways, stations, docks, and garbage landfills.

04. Multifunctional dust suppression vehicle working video