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Sweeper Truck – FLM5110TSLQL6

It is the latest innovative and advanced road cleaning vehicles with the function of sweeping and suction. It is mainly suitable for the mechanization cleaning operations in urban road, highway, airport. The truck has the advantages of high working efficiency, advanced and reliable technology, well designed appearance, applied multiple patents and the technology is in the domestic leading position.


Main Parameters

Auxiliary Engine Model


Sweeping Width (m) approx.


Dustbin Volume (m³)


Water Box Volume(m³)



Cleaning device type: central four-disk scanning + rear suction nozzle, the scanning disk can automatically avoid obstacles.

Nozzle: Adopt a roller-sweeping enhanced nozzle with a built-in roller-sweep to prevent the omission of garbage; the three-point floating support of the rolling rubber wheel.

Pneumatic net pipe anti-freezing device can effectively ensure that the water spraying parts are not damaged by ice due to structural damage.

With drainage and leakage prevention device, it can effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt, prevent the secondary pollution caused by dirt falling back to the ground and block the garbage suction pipe.

All fasteners are galvanized, and structural parts such as sweeping discs and suction nozzles are electrostatically sprayed after pickling and phosphating, which has strong adhesion, corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

The dustbin box is made of SUS304 double-layer whole stainless steel material, with high structural strength and no rust. The upper layer is a trash box and the lower layer is a sewage tank.

In the emergency state, the manual pump can be used to control the movement of the dustbin, suction nozzle and sweeping plate. In special circumstances, it can directly enter the auxiliary engine working cabin for detection and maintenance.

The shape of the waste bin adopts the shape of a large curved surface on the side, with a circular arc transition.

The device with enhanced dust pressure function can adapt to the cleaning of thick dust roads.

It has various safety alarm devices: low water level of clean water tank, operation prompt, auxiliary engine water temperature, oil pressure, reverse prompt, hydraulic oil leakage alarm, dump box tipping, reset and rear door opening and closing safety alarm.

The auxiliary engine and the fan are connected by a centrifugal clutch, which can ensure that the auxiliary engine is automatically disconnected from the fan when the auxiliary engine is started without load and when the auxiliary engine is stopped.

Using intelligent control system, centralized control of electric and hydraulic, simple operation, the driver can complete various actions in the cab.

It has the function of sewage recycling and reuse. The sewage in the garbage box enters the sewage box through the filter, and then the sewage circulation switch is turned on, and the sewage flows into the suction nozzle, which can play a role in dust reduction.