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Street Sweeping Truck – FLM5030TSLDG6

It is the latest innovative and advanced road cleaning vehicles with the function of sweeping and suction. It is mainly suitable for mechanization cleaning operations in urban roads, highway, airport. The truck has the advantages of high working efficiency, advanced and reliable technology, well-designed appearance, applied for multiple patents and the technology is in the domestic leading position.


Main Parameters

Vehicle fuel


Auxiliary Engine Model

Sokon AF11-05

Sweeping Width (m) approx.


Dustbin Volume (m³)


Water Box Volume(m³)



Type of cleaning device: center-mounted four-disc sweep + rear-mounted nozzle, the disc can automatically avoid obstacles.

The sweeping disk is omnidirectionally adjusted, which is convenient and fast. The front sweeper uses a single cylinder to control the ascent, descent, extension, and recovery. The front sweeper has an anti-collision avoidance function to ensure that the cleaning device is not damaged during operation.

The opening size of the feeding port of the suction nozzle is intelligently controlled by the electro-hydraulic integration. It is convenient for feeding large-volume materials into the suction nozzle, and has the advantages of being sensitive, intuitive and fast.

The nozzle gap adjustment structure simplifies the design, and adjustment is quick and convenient.

The lightweight design of the bodywork, small vehicle quality, meet the requirements of loading quality, safe and reliable, and good fuel economy.

Pneumatic net pipe anti-freezing device can effectively ensure that the water spraying parts are not damaged by ice due to structural damage.

All fasteners are galvanized, and structural parts such as sweeping discs and suction nozzles are electrostatically sprayed after pickling and phosphating, which has strong adhesion, corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

The dustbin box is made of SUS304 single layer whole stainless steel material, with high structural strength and no rust.

In the emergency state, the lifting and lowering actions of the dustbin, suction nozzle and sweeping tray can be controlled by the set manual pump.

Various safety alarm devices: low water level of clean water tank, water temperature of auxiliary engine, oil pressure, reversing prompt, hydraulic oil leakage alarm, dump box tipping, reset, and safety alarm for opening and closing rear door.

The auxiliary engine and fan are connected by an automatic centrifugal clutch, which can ensure that the auxiliary engine is automatically disconnected from the fan when the auxiliary engine starts without load and when the auxiliary engine is stopped.

The MC9020 controller controls each solenoid valve group. The control box is used for the combination of the control of the warning light, the speed of the fan and the temperature and oil pressure of the auxiliary engine.

Equipped with rear video monitoring and left and right observation mirrors, it can observe the left, right, and rear real-time road conditions, with good operating vision and high safety.

The water tank has different water inlets to meet different water addition conditions.

Many high-quality imported originals are used for hydraulic parts and electrical components.