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Suction-type Sewer Scavenger – FLM5070GXWQ6

The Suction-type sewer scavenger is the high practicability product developed by our company, The technical performance exceeds other domestic products. It mainly used in suction and transportation of the waste in sewage, wells, septic tanks, or sewage pool waste of petrochemical plants. Suitable for the operation in the small street and community.


Main Parameters

Sewage Tank Volume (m³)


Maximum Flow of Vacuum Pump (m³/h)


Maximum Suction Stroke (m)  



Adopt round Q235B tank (optional stainless steel tank), with good pressure-bearing performance, integrating suction, transportation, unloading and other functions in one. Small size, high flexibility, and equipped with night work lights.

Equipped with a manual suction boom, which effectively increases the operating range.     

Using three-dimensional design methods and means to carry out overall design, parts design, virtual assembly of the complete machine and components, the structure is more compact and more reasonable.
Put the suction port on the rear door, and use a detachable suction tube to optimize the piping layout and make the appearance of the vehicle more beautiful.

It takes power from the chassis engine without auxiliary engine. It has a high absolute working pressure, low fuel consumption, low noise, large suction power and long suction range.

The transmission system of the working device adopts a modular design and is driven by a belt, so that the operation is more stable, the service life of parts is long, and the frequency of maintenance and replacement is low.

The liquid level display of the sewage tank adopts the imported liquid level display device, which is easy to observe, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, and easy to maintain; the sewage suction port and the sewage discharge port adopt imported knife valves, which can effectively ensure the long-term sealing and reliability of the sewage suction and sewage valve.

The rear door adopts an independent patent adjustable locking mechanism, a hydraulic system with safety protection, and a double insurance mechanism to reliably seal the garbage box and the rear door rubber strip, ensuring that sewage and feces are in a closed state during the collection and transportation process.

Optional manual rotation of sewage suction boom, increase the suction area, wider suction range, use more labor-saving, and use a removable splicing suction pipe.

Optional Italy vacuum pump.