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Sewer Dredging and Cleaning Vehicle – FLM5180GQXDF6X

Sewer Dredging and Cleaning Vehicle integrates the functions of sewer dredge and sewage discharge, which is widely used in cleaning and transportation of waste in underground sewage pipes, wells. It also and can be used for cleaning large mine company’s sewage, industrial waste oil, and wastewater. and can be used in dredging and dredge in the small rivers.


Main Parameters

Clear Water Tank Volume (m³) 


Dredge Pump Pressure (MPa)


Dredge Pump Flow (L/min)


Dredging Tube Length (m)


Sewage Tank Volume (m³)  


Maximum Flow of Vacuum Pump (m³/h)


Maximum Suction Stroke (m)



Adopts the original Italy OMSI full power PTO, which transmits the power of the chassis engine to the imported high-pressure water pump and the imported Roots air-cooled vacuum pump, without the need for an auxiliary device.

Convenient cleaning: equipped with spray gun and quick release connector for waterway, which can be quickly connected to the spray gun for cleaning operations. There is a self-cleaning device for the tank body in the sewage tank, which can be self-cleaned when the sewage tank is discharged.

Complete functions and high operating efficiency: the vehicle integrates multiple functions such as washing, dredging, sewage suction, sewage filtration and back discharge, which can effectively reduce the number of vehicles and personnel and the number of round trips, which can greatly improve work efficiency, save time and cost.

Good dredging effect: Equipped with imported mushroom-type sprinklers, diamond-shaped sprinklers and ellipse-shaped sprinklers with high penetration performance, and a variety of special sprinklers can be selected according to user needs Strong penetration ability during dredging operation, clean pipes after cleaning operation, can clear pipes of Φ150mm ~ Φ800mm, and save water by more than 1/3 compared with similar traditional products, which improves the continuous operation capacity and saves water and water addition time.

Convenient operation: The operation and electronic control display monitoring instruments are placed at the rear of the vehicle. Operation and observation should be convenient. Only 1-2 operators can complete the entire operation process. The operator’s labor intensity is low and the operation efficiency is high.

Advanced technology, safe and reliable: high-pressure waterway, hydraulic system, vacuum system, electric control system, etc. adopt or borrow advanced technology from European and American professional companies, equipped with electric control display monitoring instruments, sewage tank and clear water tank liquid level alarm signal lights High machine reliability.

Liquid level device is easy to observe and clean: the liquid level display of the sewage tank adopts imported liquid level display device, the liquid level is easy to observe, easy to disassemble, clean and maintain;
Independent patent, save time and effort: adopt independent patent new dredging hose reel, hydraulic drive, can be forward, reverse, stepless speed regulation, solve the existing arrangement of unwinding dredging hoses in the existing technology Technical problems such as low coil efficiency, large storage space, high-pressure water pulse vibration, or misalignment and loosening of the dredging hose caused by the vehicle walking upside down.

Remote control cantilever, easy to operate: the self-patented new type of suction hose rotating swing arm has the functions of rotation, lifting and telescoping, so that the sewage suction hose can be accurately inserted into the sewer, and the parking operation range is large and the structure is compact Beautiful and easy to operate.

The back door has good sealing performance: the self-patented back door locking technology is adopted, the gap adjustment between the back door and the tank body is convenient, and the sealing performance is good.