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Septic Cleaning Truck – FLM5070GXEDG6

The new lightweight septic clenaing truck has reliable quality and novel appearance. It can be widely used in the suction and transportation of fecal liquid in urban and rural public toilets and septic tanks. The applied vacuum suction principle and fully enclosed structure can avoid secondary pollution to the surrounding environment.





Chassis Model


Emission Standard

China VI

Suction Range (m)


Tank Volume (m³)


Full Tank Suction Time (min)


Payload (kg)


Dimension (L x W x H) (mm)



The truck adopts a circular container that matches with an integrally pressed butterfly head, providing better pressure bearing performance.

The container is designed with a double hole cover, which makes cleaning and maintenance faster more convenient. Both sides are equipped with large toolboxes, with a total volume of 0.8 cubic meters (the toolbox on the right is used to place the suction tube). The sewage tank liquid level display adopts an imported liquid level display device, which is easy to observe, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

The discharge port adopts a flange-connected stainless steel floating ball valve, which can self-compensate the gap and maintain good long-term sealing. It is driven by an electric push rod, which can be controlled in the cab and at the rear of the vehicle.

The suction port adopts a suction and discharge dual-purpose infusion device, which can rotate 360 degrees. It also has a quick dredging and cleaning window, which can be used for extraction operations at the same time, with a wider range of operations and more convenient cleaning.

The truck is equipped with multiple safety devices such as the anti-overflow valve, the overpressure safety valve, and a full tank alarm. It can effectively prevent the tank from over-sucking, or development of high pressure during reverse discharge, to ensure a normal operation of the vacuum pump and personal safety of the staff.