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Electric Septic Cleaning Truck – FLM5080GXEDGBEV

This truck is mainly used for the suction, discharge and transportation of sludge and feces in sewers, rain wells, septic tanks and various ditches, or sludge in petrochemical sewage tanks. It is suitable for small streets, residential areas and other road sections.


Main Parameters

Main Parameters


Chassis Model


Chassis Motor Model/Rated Power (kW)


Chassis Battery Energy Density (Wh/kg)


Travel Range (km)


Superstructure Motor Model/Power(kW)


Suction Range (m)


Suction Time (min)


Discharge Time (min)


Inner Diameter of Suction Tube (mm)


Tank Volume (m3)


External Size (LxWxH)(mm)



The truck uses a rounded Q235B tank (a stainless steel tank is also optional) and adopts an integrally pressed butterfly head, which enhances the tank and is safer. The whole vehicle adopts a three-dimensional design method for overall appearance and structural design, component design, and virtual assembly of components, making the structure more compact, reasonable, and beautiful.

The vacuum pump is directly driven by the motor (the air-cooled vacuum pump is small in size, light in weight, and does not require a cooling water tank). It has the advantages of high absolute working pressure, zero emission pollution, low noise, high suction power, and long suction range.

There is a manhole cover on the top of the tank, which makes cleaning and maintenance faster and more convenient. There are toolboxes on both sides of the tank, with a total storage volume of 0.3 cubic meters (the toolbox on the right is used to place the suction tube). The liquid level display of the sewage tank adopts a self-designed circular liquid level display device. The device is easy to observe, disassemble, clean, and maintain.

The feces discharge port adopts a flange connection stainless steel floating ball valve. It can automatically compensate for the gap and can maintain a good seal for a long time. It is driven by an electric push rod, which can be controlled from the cab and the rear of the truck, which is very convenient.

The suction port adopts a dual-purpose device for suction and discharge, which can be rotated 360 degrees. It also has a quick dredging and cleaning window, which can be used for extraction operations at the same time, making cleaning more convenient.

The whole truck is equipped with multiple safety devices such as an anti-overflow valve, overpressure safety valve, and full tank alarm. It can effectively avoid situations where the sewage is too full or the pressure is too high during reverse discharge. Ensures the normal operation of the vacuum pump and the personal safety of the staff.

A dedicated deodorizing system for fecal cleaning trucks with independent patent design. The system is small in size and high in efficiency, can effectively remove odor molecules in the exhaust gas of the vacuum pump, and reduce the secondary pollution of odor to the surrounding environment.