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Dock With Self-Discharging Garbage Truck – FLM5030ZDJCC6

DOCK WITH SELF-DISCHARGING GARBAGE TRUCKAs a new generation of garbage collecting truck, it creates a different way of doing work. It can optionally equip with the function of garbage real-time transmitting and high-pressure cleaning for the dirty corners. It has the advantages of advanced performance, nice appearance, durable, reliable and multi-function. It can be widely used in city blocks, communities, streets and big factories.


Main Parameters

Dustbin volume (m³)


Clear water tank volume (L)


sewage tank volume (L)


High-pressure water pump pressure (MPa)



The dump bin adopts tipping and self-unloading method for unloading, which is convenient for unloading and improves the operation efficiency of the vehicle.

Equipped with a sewage collection box, which can drain the sewage seepage and collect it in a unified manner, and it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free during the operation.

Equipped with a high-pressure water spray cleaning device, it can clean garbage bins and peel boxes while collecting and transporting garbage, effectively reducing the environmental pollution of such garbage collection points.

The new locking mechanism (without the action of the oil cylinder, the unloading automatically opens.) The garbage box and the rear door rubber strip are reliably sealed to ensure that all domestic garbage is collected and transported in a closed state without worry of dripping;

The optimized design of the operating system adopts a hydraulic power unit and integrates electronic control and hydraulic components. The system is highly integrated, durable and reliable, and can be completed in the cab.

Optional rear door double opening configuration, increase the opening of the rear door when discharging, and increase the speed of discharging. The rear is equipped with a sewage receiving tank, which can drain sewage to the sewage collection box.

Optional side sliding door box, the side adopts hanging rail structure, sliding open and close before and after sliding, large feeding port space, easy to use and reliable.

Optional side feed door mechanical struts are installed to reliably support the open feed door, reducing the automatic drop of the side feed door due to temperature drop or gas strut failure.