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Dustbin Transfer Truck – FLM5030CTYCC6

Garbage bin carrier equipped with lifting plate in the rear part, it is suitable for the garbage bins transportation in community streets, waste transfer station, and other places.


Main Parameters

Maximum angle of rear tail plate (°) 


Loading and lifting operation cycle time (s)


Maximum lifting force of tail plate (kg) 


Maximum number of trash cans(PCS)

15 MGB 120L standard barrels
8 MGB240L standard barrels
3 MGB660L standard barrels


The electronically controlled hydraulic tail plate lifting device can load and unload 2 trash cans at a time, reducing manual labor intensity and high working efficiency; flexible shipping and large transportation range, greatly expanding the barreled trash collection area The garbage bins are used for overall transfer, and there is no sewage dripping and garbage splattering.

There are two fixed and wired electric control operation modes, which are easy and convenient to operate.

Multiple measures for safety protection: independent switch for the power supply of the tail plate; reflective warning board and safety chain installed on the lift tail plate.

The standard side-turning rail car is convenient for empty barrel transportation and other transportation methods to improve efficiency.

Optional garbage bin positioning rod is used to locate the garbage bin in the carriage to prevent the garbage bin from sliding on its own while the vehicle is driving.

Optional lowering speed control system for lifting tail plate can flexibly adjust the falling speed of tail plate to improve work efficiency.