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Self-loading & Dumping Garbage Truck – FLM5030ZZZFS6

This truck is a new generation of garbage collection truck, with the breakthrough innovation in working modes. It has the characteristics of advanced performance, well-designed appearance, durable material, and multi-functional. It can be widely used in city districts, blocks, streets, and big factories.


Main Parameters

Dustbin volume (m³) 


Discharge cycle time (s)


Lifting device working cycle time (s)  



The dustbin box is made of high-quality steel plate material (optional stainless steel cabinet). Box side plate folding rib treatment, strong resistance to deformation, long service life.

The rear door adopts an independently innovative adjustable locking mechanism, a hydraulic system with safety protection, and a double insurance mechanism to reliably seal the garbage box and the rear door rubber strip, ensuring that all domestic garbage is in a closed state during the collection and transportation process, preventing domestic garbage Secondary pollution to the environment during transportation.

A sewage tank equipped with a sewage filter at the bottom of the tank; solid-liquid separation can be initially achieved, excess sewage can be collected and discharged uniformly, and the operation process is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

The right side of the box is equipped with bin lift, the main guide rail and auxiliary guide rail of the lifting frame, which can lift 120 and 240 liters of standard trash cans. The friction force during the ascent is small, and the lifting mechanism does not open during the linear movement. Smooth, safe and reliable; the lifting mechanism and the upper cover form a linkage mechanism through connecting rods and swing arms, which not only saves costs but also improves work efficiency.

The angle adjustment mechanism of the upper end of the guide rail and the adjustable connecting rod can be used to adjust the tilting angle of the trash can and the height of the tooth plate from the ground to avoid the problem that the trash cannot be dumped clean due to the insufficient tilt angle of the trash can Strong, reduce production requirements.

The special anti-drip device of the lifting mechanism can effectively avoid the problem of sewage leakage during the lifting process, reduce secondary pollution, and protect the environment.

The push plate type self-unloading method is adopted, which not only saves costs but also improves the operating efficiency. The push plate is provided with a cleaning door, which is convenient for cleaning the garbage remaining in the rear of the push plate.

The optimized design of the operating system, using PLC programming control, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Equipped with night working lights, it is convenient to work at night and expand the working time range.

Equipped with rear door safety strut device.

Optional rear view equipment with waterproof night vision and other functions.