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Sealed Garbage Bin Carrier – FLM5080XTYQL6

Closed type garbage bin carrier equipped with lifting plate in rear part, it is suitable for the garbage bins collection and transportation in community streets, waste transfer station and other places.


Main Parameters

Maximum angle of rear tail plate (°) 


Loading and lifting operation cycle time (s)


Maximum lifting force of tail plate (kg) 


Maximum number of trash cans(PCS)

23 MGB 240L standard barrels

9 MGB 660L standard barrels


The electronically controlled hydraulic tail plate lifting device can simultaneously lift up to two 240L trash cans at the same time, reducing manual labor intensity and high working efficiency.

The vehicle is flexible in shipment and transportation, has a wide range of transportation, the cabin is fully sealed, and the appearance is neat and beautiful, which can prevent garbage from scattering and cause secondary pollution.

A sewage collection box is designed in front of the carriage to collect the leaked and leaked sewage from the garbage bin and discharge it centrally to avoid secondary pollution.

The vehicle is designed with an oil cylinder to control the lifting roof plate. After the roof plate is opened, the height of the cabin is greater than 1850mm to ensure that the personnel work flexibly in the cabin. The roof cover opening safety device is designed to ensure the safety of the operator. After closing, the height of the vehicle is 2105mm, which greatly reduces the height of the vehicle and makes the vehicle transfer flexible.

The operating system is optimized for design. It adopts hydraulic power unit and integrates electric control and hydraulic components. The system is highly integrated, durable and reliable. At the same time, it has two fixed and wired electric control operation modes, which are simple and convenient to operate.

Multiple measures for safety protection: independent switch for power supply of the tailgate; a reflective warning board and safety chain installed on the lift tailboard; a self-reset button used in the electronically controlled operation panel. When the operation stops, the action of the tailgate and cover plate stops immediately and the action reaches Stop immediately.

Optional lowering speed control system for lifting tail plate can flexibly adjust the falling speed of the tail plate to improve work efficiency.

A side door is arranged on the front right side of the carriage to facilitate the displacement of the trash can and the loading and unloading of empty barrels.