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Sealed Dustbin Transfer Truck – FLM5030XTYDG6

The rear of the chassis is equipped with a tailgate lift to lift dustbins. It is suitable for the collection and transportation of dustbins in residential areas, garbage transfer stations, and other places.





Chassis Model


Emission Standard

China VI

Engine Model/Power (kW)

LJ4A1 5Q6 (DAM16KLQ)/83 (90)

Top Speed (km/h)




Dustbin Loading Capacity

24 MGB120L Standard Dustbins/15 MGB240L Standard Dustbins/5 MGB660LStandard Dustbins

Tailgate Maximum Capacity (kg)


Dimension (Lx Wx H) (mm)



The truck adopts a self-developed electronically controlled hydraulic tailgate lift, which can load and unload multiple 240L dustbins at a time, which reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.

The vehicle adopts a closed truck body, and it is also equipped with a lifting roof, which has a neat and beautiful appearance and can also prevent garbage from scattering. The carriage is equipped with front and rear sewage tanks and rear interception tanks, which can prevent the generation of sewage and avoid secondary pollution during rainy operations.

The tailgate can be optionally equipped with a descending speed control system, which can flexibly adjust the descending speed of the tailgate and improve work efficiency.

Equipped with multiple measures for safety protection: independent power switch for the tailgate, reflective warning flag for the tail gate lift, and has a safety chain.

The truck has several safety protection measures: an independent switch is provided for the tailgate power supply, and the switch adopts a self-rebounding waterproof button. After the button is pressed, the tailgate lift will stop immediately to ensure the safety of operation. Reflective identification plates, reflective warning flags, safety chains and other safety prompts and devices are pasted or installed on the tailgate.