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Electric Sealed Dustbin Transfer Truck – FLM5070XTYQLBEV

The rear of the truck is equipped with a tailboard lifting system, which is suitable for the collection and transportation of dustbins in residential streets, garbage transfer stations, and other places.


Main Parameters

Main Parameters


Chassis Model


Chassis Motor Model/Peak Power (kW)


Chassis Battery Capacity (kWh)


Chassis Battery Rated Voltage/Capacity (V/Ah)


Chassis Battery Model/Manufacturer

CB220 (Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery)/CATL

Travel Range (km)


Dustbin Loading Quantity

23 MGB 240L Standard Dustbins or 9 MGB 660L Standard Dustbins

Tailgate Tipping Angle (°)


Cycle Time of Loading and Unloading (s)


Tailgate Maximum Lifting Capacity (kg)


Top Speed (km/h)


External Size (L*W*H) (mm)



This truck uses an electronically controlled hydraulic tail lifter, which can load and unload two dustbins at one time. It can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

The truck is flexible in shipment and has a large transportation range, greatly expanding the barreled garbage collection area.

The dustbins can be transported as a whole, and there will be no problems with sewage dripping and garbage spilling.

Without additional protection, the truck can be parked on a flat road for loading and unloading operations.

Equipped with fixed and wired operation modes, the operation is simple and convenient.

The truck is equipped with multiple measures for safety protection. For example, the power supply of the tail plate is equipped with an independent switch, and the lifting tail plate is equipped with a reflective warning plate, reflective warning flag, and a safety chain.

Equipped with a right-side open-door carriage as standard, which is convenient for empty dustbin transportation and other handling methods to improve efficiency.

An optional dustbin positioning rod can be installed on the carriage, which can position the dustbins in the carriage to prevent them from sliding while driving.

The tail plate can be optionally equipped with a lifting tail plate descending speed control system, which can flexibly adjust the descending speed of the tail plate and improve work efficiency.