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Road Maintenance Truck – FLM5030TYHDG6

The FULONGMA road maintenance truck is mainly used to clean urban pedestrian roads, oil-stained pavements, and advertisement posts. It has the characteristics of high-water pressure, multi-function, and fully electronic control operation. The truck has beautiful appearance, comfortable driving, low noise, convenient operation, and convenient maintenance. It can be widely used in the cleaning of urban pedestrian paths, non-motorized vehicle lanes, and various public facilities.





Chassis Model


Emission Standard

China VI

Chassis Engine Model/Power(kW)


Auxiliary Engine Model/Power(kW)

Kohler CH440/14

Top Speed (km/h)


Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)


Water Tank Volume (m3)


Washing Width (m)

Front washing≥1.8, Hand Washing Bar≥1.5

Continuous Working Time (min/Full)

Front Washing/Hand Washing≥45

Water Guna200

Front Sprayer Water Pressure (MPa)


High-pressure Water Flow(L/min)


High-pressure Water Set Pressure (MPa)


Dimension (LxWxH){mm)



The high-pressure water pump and its driving gasoline engine are located at the rear of the truck for easy operation and maintenance. The gasoline engine can be turned on and off remotely in the cab.

The cleaning device consists of a front cleaning device, a columnar single-point cleaning device, a manual spray gun device, and a hand push nozzle cleaning device. The cleaning function is diversified, which can meet the cleaning and maintenance work of different pollution levels.

The front sprinkler is hydraulically controlled, which can achieve 12° up and down rotation and 20° left and right yaw, which can be controlled in the cab and is easy to operate.

The operation of the single-point cleaning device is all-electric control, and the driver can complete the operation in the cab. It can swing up, down, left and right in all directions, and is suitable for clearing local sanitary corners of roads.

The rear-mounted manual high-pressure water gun is equipped with a 20-meter-long hose, which has a large operating range. To deal with various working conditions, 4 kinds of professional nozzles are also equipped, which are ideal for cleaning small street advertisements.

The hand-push cleaning device uses a high-pressure, low-flow water curtain sprayed by the nozzle to clean the road and seams in areas where vehicles cannot enter.