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Electric Road Maintenance Truck -FLM5040TYHDGBEV

In order to actively respond to the national new energy policy and meet the needs of new energy products in the market, Fulongma is committed to creating the latest “pure electric road maintenance vehicle”. Pavement and other areas such as pavement cleaning, sanitary corner removal, trash bin cleaning, small advertising removal and other cleaning operations.


Main Parameters

Battery Capacity (kWh)  48.97

High Pressure Water Pump Pressure(Mpa)


Cleaning  Width (m)


Water Tank Volume (m³)


Operation life time(min)



The pure electric technology route is adopted: that is, the chassis drive motor is used to drive the vehicle and the high-pressure water pump drive motor is used to drive the high-pressure water pump. The energy source of the vehicle is a lithium-ion power battery.

The high-pressure water pump adopts stepless speed regulation, which can adjust the speed of the high-pressure water pump steplessly in the cab according to the road conditions to achieve a cleaning effect, extend the operating time, and improve the endurance.

The cleaning device is composed of a front cleaning device, a columnar single-point cleaning device, a manual spray gun device, and a hand-push nozzle cleaning device. The cleaning function is diversified and can meet the cleaning and maintenance work of roads with different pollution levels.

The front water spray frame adopts hydraulic control, which can realize the up and down rotation of 12 ° and the left and right deflection of 20 °, which can be controlled in the cab and easy to operate.

The operation of the column-shaped single-point cleaning device is all electric control, the driver can complete the operation in the cab. It can swing up, down, left and right in all directions, and is suitable for the removal of local dead ends in roads.

The rear manual high-pressure spray gun is equipped with a 20-meter hose, which has a large operating range. In order to cope with various working conditions, four professional nozzles are also equipped, which is the nemesis of small street advertising.

The hand-push nozzle cleaning device uses the high-pressure, small-flow cleaning water curtain sprayed from the nozzle to clean the road surface and blind seams in areas where the vehicle cannot pass through. The device adopts a foldable structure, which can be stored and taken at any time, which is convenient, fast, water-saving and environmentally friendly.

Equipped with a light, compact, and anti-sputter protective water broom, which can clean and sweep the roadside rest stools, narrow platforms, walls and other areas.

Equipped with self-recovery hose reel device, which can realize long-distance cleaning.

Adopt high pressure and small flow Italy water pump, with strong jet water flow and long continuous operation time.

The clean water tank is a one-piece welded part with strong shock resistance, no deformation and no rust. The water tank is equipped with a low water level sensor alarm device and a water level meter to prevent the high-pressure water pump from being damaged due to lack of water.

Front monitoring device, color LCD screen in the cab, observe the road condition and cleaning effect at any time.

In order to adapt to the harsh working environment, all fasteners are galvanized. All structural parts are acid-washed and phosphated, using outdoor resin powder, treated by high-temperature electrostatic spraying process, with strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and strong corrosion resistance.

The optional can also be equipped with a variety of practical devices according to the actual operation needs, such as the rear upper spray device for cooling and dust reduction, the air humidity adjustment, the rear lower spray device, the rear high-pressure hedge, and the right side water spray device.