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What is a self-loading garbage truck? Introduction to the advantages of FULONGMA self-loading garbage truck

2021-06-01 16:41:30

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The self-loading garbage truck has a short wheelbase, lightweight, and flexible vehicle mobility, which is convenient for collecting barreled domestic garbage in residential quarters, streets, and alleys. The various operating conditions of the vehicle are carried out at the idle speed of the chassis engine, which has high loading efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection, and is quiet and does not disturb the people.

Two specifications of 4.2 cubic meters and 7 cubic meters can be selected according to the effective volume of the trash can.

1. Loading operation

The trash cans of 120 liters and 240 liters can be lifted, and the combination of scraper and slide plate can carry out preliminary pressure filling and sealing of the garbage, improve the transfer efficiency and prevent secondary pollution.

There are multiple anti-drip designs to eliminate dripping problems during collection and transportation.

Equipped with dual hydraulic support legs to ensure safe and stable operation.

It is additionally equipped with a remote control to handle to increase the flexibility of operation and facilitate the observation of vehicle loading and unloading conditions.

2. Diversified functions

Standard configuration: Scraper slide combination, stainless steel box, tail hydraulic support leg, hydraulic work light, wire control operating handle.

Optional configuration: 660-liter trash can lifting mechanism.

Self-Loading Garbage Truck