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Introduction to the advantages and characteristics of FULONGMA garbage bin carrier

2021-05-28 14:40:10

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The garbage bin carrier adopts a hydraulic tail plate to realize the loading and unloading of garbage cans, which is simple and fast, and there is no secondary pollution during transportation. The truck is suitable for the collection and transportation of barreled garbage in residential areas, garbage transfer stations, and other places.

Two specifications of 300kg and 1000kg can be selected according to the lifting capacity of the tailboard.

1. Collect homework

The hydraulic tail plate is adopted to realize the loading and unloading of the trash can, which reduces the labor intensity of the operation.

Multiple trash cans can be operated at one time, reducing labor intensity and high work efficiency.

Several measures are used for safety protection to ensure the safety of operations.

The side fence can be lowered to facilitate the handling and loading and unloading of other materials.

2. Diversified functions

Standard configuration: electric hydraulic system, wired remote control, Fulongma brand lifting tail plate.

Optional configuration: Cadrolift brand lifting tail plate, wireless remote control, fast operation.

Sealed Garbage Bin Carrier – FLM5080XTYQL6