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What is a garbage transfer station? Introduction to Garbage Transfer Station

2021-06-10 16:19:28

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The garbage transfer station adopts the most widely used one-machine multi-box garbage compression transfer process at home and abroad. High equipment utilization, reliable performance, low investment in civil engineering and equipment. It has the characteristics of simple station construction, high processing efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection. It adapts to the unloading requirements of existing manpower collection trucks and dumps garbage collection trucks in many ways. It is suitable for the more concentrated treatment of urban domestic garbage and provides diversified treatment of urban garbage s Choice.

Two different products, horizontal compression, and vertical compression can be selected according to the compression method of the trash can, and each product has a variety of specifications

1.Product Highlights

Multi-directional adaptation to the unloading requirements of existing manpower collection trucks and dump garbage collection trucks, and all-round adaptation to existing platform loading, rear dumping bucket loading, left-side loading, right-side loading, and other loading modes, applicable Concentrated treatment of urban domestic waste, providing diversified options for the treatment of urban waste;

A central control system is provided in the garbage station to control the equipment and its auxiliary systems to realize the automatic centralized control of the garbage compression station;

2.Construction requirements

The location of the transfer station should meet the requirements of the city’s overall planning and urban environmental sanitation industry planning. The location of the transfer station should be close to the center of the service area or the place with the largest waste output. The transfer station should be set up in a place with convenient transportation. In places with convenient railway and water transportation conditions, when the transportation distance is relatively long, it is advisable to set up railway and water transportation garbage transfer stations.