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The 2020 FULONGMA New Products Launch Conference Ended Successfully

2020-09-10 11:41:38

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From September 3rd to 4th, the “Intelligent Manufacturing · New Life” FULONGMA 2020 Hangzhou New Product Launch Conference was held at Zhejiang International Film and Television Center. Liu Jinghao, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association, and Shanghai City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Industry Association Sanitation Equipment Yan Guangliang, Secretary-General of the Professional Committee, Tang Yicheng, President of Suzhou Environmental Sanitation Association, Xu Jiayin, Counselor of Jinan Municipal People’s Government, Bai Yunlong, Executive Vice President of Longma Sanitation and General Manager of Equipment Division, and leaders of environmental sanitation authorities from all over the country A total of more than 300 people including representatives of environmental sanitation companies and industry experts attended the meeting to discuss new trends in the development of the industry.

General Manager Yunlong Bai said that 2020 is an extraordinary year, with sudden epidemics, turmoil in the international political situation, and raging floods, but our country and people have shown great wisdom and cohesion. In the face of the epidemic, FULONGMA, as a listed company, always bears in mind the social responsibilities it shoulders and makes every effort to promote the resumption of work, production, and school.

At present, the domestic anti-epidemic work has achieved phased victory, and social operations have gradually returned to normal, but the epidemic overseas is still spreading, and the global economy is suffering. Against this background, all walks of life are accelerating technological upgrading. The same is true in the field of environmental sanitation equipment. In a short period, the technological level of the industry has developed rapidly, and energy-saving, environmental protection, intelligence, and networking technologies have emerged one after another, providing hardware support for the transformation and upgrading of the environmental sanitation industry.

As one of the leading companies in the field of sanitation equipment manufacturing, FULONGMA always attaches great importance to R&D and innovation to meet customer needs and create value for customers as a guide, establish innovative, and environmentally friendly development concepts, and develop new energy, clean energy, and unmanned products, comprehensively broaden the product lines and enhance the company’s solution capabilities.

Jinghao Liu, vice president and secretary-general of the China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation, said in the press conference that for many years, FULONGMA has sought innovation and change, and the business philosophy of sustainable operation, pragmatism, innovation, efficiency, and focus on core values have left him a very deep impression.

China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association will give full play to the role of the party and the government as a bridge, linking the majority of environmental sanitation enterprises, actively promote the scientific development of urban appearance and environmental sanitation in the country, and provide support to outstanding business representatives in the industry.

At the press conference, several senior engineers from FULONGMA Research Institute described the current deficiencies and drawbacks in the sanitation equipment industry around the three directions of “lean”, “intelligence” and “miniaturization”. The brand-new products released provide revolutionary solutions and break down the key pain points of the industry.

As the highlight, FULONGMA displayed a variety of breakthrough innovative products such as brand-new unmanned road sweeper, electric small washing machines, two-way guardrail washing trucks, high-efficiency washing & sweeping trucks, high-speed washing & sweeping trucks, bulky garbage crushing trucks,  sealed efficient wet waste garbage truck, intelligent cleaning trucks, and detachable garbage trucks. The stunning appearance of the new sanitation products attracted the attention of all the guests on-site and was highly praised.

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