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BEV Sweeper Truck – FLMSD18

FLMSD18 bev Sweeper Truck, using pure electric power, has the functions of pavement sweeping, high pressure water cleaning, sewage recycling and so on. The whole machine has beautiful appearance, flexible maneuverability, strong cleaning ability, and can be used for urban auxiliary roads, narrow roads, non-motorized Large-scale road sweepers such as driveways, sidewalks, pedestrian streets, parks, schools, attractions, and residential quarters cannot or are inconvenient to enter the area for cleaning and cleaning operations. They are especially suitable for supplementary cleaning operations in urban traffic congested roads and streets during the day.


Main Parameters

Sweeping Width(m)


Maximum Speed(km/h)


Maximum Suction Granularity(mm)


Maximum Working Time(h)


Water Tank Capacity(L)


Dustbin/Trash can volume(L)



Small sweeper has wide application. The width of the whole sweeper is only 1210 mm, but it also can enter.narrow areas. The minimum turning radius of only 2.5m can make it easily turn on the road less than the width of 6m. And it also can make the 360-degree sweeping around a tree.

Strong sweeping ability. SD18 can sweep the rubbish on road to reach the leading performance level of the industry under the low energy consumption operation.

Perfect basic function. The basic functions of the standard accessories include road sweeping, sewage suction auxiliary and high-pressure cleaning, and selective accessories include special operation devices such as snow sweeping roller brush, snow blade and ground brushing device. One charge lasts the operation for up to 8 hours.

High configuration reliability. High-end configurations ensures reliable performance, such as Italian SME drive motor and controller, German GRAMMER air suspension seat and Italian UDOR high-pressure water pump.

Lightweight material selection. Structural parts of dustbin body, suction nozzle and suction tube are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and clean-water tank, various operation boxes and panels are made of high-strength PE or FRP, then the whole molds are formed with light weight, high strength and elegant model.

Wide field of operation. The panoramic windscreen cab has a visual angle of 270 degrees, which can reach the wide field of vision and easy operation.

Good shock absorption performance. Equipped with German GRAMMER air suspension seat, the height and  aeration amount of the seat can be adjusted at any time according to the driver’s height and weight. The good shock absorption performance solves the problem of poor ride comfort of rigid suspension mini-type road sweeper.

High automatic control levelController, color display screen, CAN bus control system and one-touch operation realize the various functions of intelligent detection and diagnosis of the whole vehicle liabilities, and display real-time dynamic parameters of vehicle operation, such as oil temperature, oil volume, water level, operation parameters of power battery, etc.

Complete supporting equipment. There are air conditioning, radio, MP3 player, mobile phone charging in Cab, where more powerful multimedia devices can be selectively equipped.

Safety Protection. Make real-time detection and prompt on the status of steering, hand brake, driver’s leave from seat, seat belt, dustbin lifting, charging gun insertion.

High-pressure Water Pump: 14MPaThree-plunger high-pressure water pump is International famous brand, originally imported from Italy, with rated flow of 15L/min, rated speed of 1750r/min and rated pressure of 14MPa.

Snow sweeping roller brush(Optional): With American SNO-WAY technology and original imported motor, this brush can complete left and right deflection, rise and fall and one-touch operation.

Snow blade(Optional): With American SNO-WAY technology and original imported blade board, this blade can complete left and right deflection, rise and fall and one-touch operation.