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First Look of 2020 FULONGMA’s New Products

2020-09-10 14:12:31

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As the industry’s first high-speed cleaning&sweeping truck, it adopts dual pneumatic conveying technology, multi-channel scrubbing and suction technology, and the efficient classic layout structure of FULONGMA. It overcomes the difficulty of long-distance continuous operation of elevated and ring road sections, and the difficulty of slow road cleaning operations. Its operating speed can reach up to 60km/h, which greatly reduces the fuel consumption of washing and sweeping operations and effectively shortens the operating cycle in the road section.

The high-efficiency washing&sweeping truck is a low-noise, high-efficiency sanitation vehicle newly produced by FULONGMA based on the current market demand. Compared with traditional washing&sweeping trucks, it can reduce fuel consumption by 35% and noise by 4 decibels. The continuous operation time is up to 140 minutes, which effectively solves the problem of frequent water addition during elevated operations on the outer ring of the city.

To clean the guardrails on both sides of the road with one vehicle, FULONGMA independently developed a two-way guardrail cleaning truck to achieve the function of one-car two-way cleaning. The equipment is widely used for cleaning the guardrail isolation belt in the middle of urban roads or on both sides of non-motorized vehicle lanes.

In order to comprehensively solve the universal problems of compression truck loading force, compression force, and operating efficiency, FULONGMA newly developed a new high-performance compression garbage truck with a high compression rate, large loading capacity, fast operation efficiency, and low noise. Further close to the market demand.

The enclosed pressure-filled high-efficiency wet waste truck is China’s first brand-new model built by FULONGMA to actively respond to the garbage classification policy and meet the market’s demand for wet garbage collection and transportation products. The truck has the advantages of fully enclosed transportation, large loading capacity, high feeding efficiency, etc., which fully solves the deficiencies of the existing wet garbage collection and transportation vehicles.

The material shredder truck that debuted this time is the first highly intelligent material shredder in China that integrates grasping, crushing, and conveying. It is known as the “mobile crushing station”. The truck has complete functions, a high degree of intelligence, high utilization rate, and low operating cost, which fully solves the existing shortcomings of large garbage crushing and transportation.

The wire-rope detachable-container garbage truck and the supporting FTG24 transfer box are used in conjunction with the vertical domestic garbage transfer station, which can effectively solve the problems of “displacement, dripping, and omission” in the process of dry and wet garbage transfer.

The self-dumping truck is equipped with a closed garbage bin, which is easy to operate, beautiful in appearance, good in transportation, and superior in passing and carrying performance. It is widely used for the collection and transportation of various construction waste and bulky waste in cities.

The intelligent unmanned road sweeper integrates functions such as the wire-controlled drive system, curbstone cleaning, automatic tracking, automatic obstacle avoidance, etc., which can perform unmanned cleaning operations in specific areas, and is called the city’s “smart housekeeper”. It can maintain efficient data interaction with smart sanitation and smart city operation terminals and realize cloud management and remote control. The problem of dirty, difficult, and low efficiency in the sanitation industry has been solved, and the cleaning has been more standardized and efficient, and the cost has been greatly reduced.

The pure electric washing machine independently developed by FULONGMA is a type of professional and efficient sanitation product after the implementation of the “street-stall economy”. It can quickly and efficiently remove stubborn stains and oil from street stalls. It is also suitable for cleaning and cleaning of urban auxiliary roads, narrow roads, non-motorized roads, sidewalks, pedestrian streets, scenic spots, parks, schools, scenic spots, residential areas, etc. operation.

FULONGMA high-efficiency and intelligent control washing truck is the industry’s first “smart” large-scale washing truck. The truck is “people-oriented” in operation and has a full sense of science and technology in its operation design. It applied advanced AI recognition technology, supports voice control to switch operation modes, and can also recognize the width of the road and pedestrians, to automatically switch the operation mode. That is, the width of the spraying range will always as wide as the width of roads. It solves the deficiencies of the existing cleaning vehicles in an all-round way.