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New Products is Coming | Two-way Guardrail Cleaning Truck Launched

2021-01-06 09:35:31

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The existing guardrail cleaning truck generally adopts a single-sided operation mode, which has low efficiency and cannot meet diversified use requirements. For this reason, FULONGMA has newly developed the two-sided guardrail cleaning truck, which can realize the two-way cleaning function and provide customers with more choices. This model is widely used for cleaning the guardrail barriers in the middle of urban roads or on both sides of non-motorized vehicle lanes.

The driver can easily switch to the left or the right cleaning operation through the one-button turn function according to the actual road guardrail setting direction.

The truck adopts an electro-hydraulic controlled double-sided cleaning device and uses four sets of roller brushes to clamp the guardrail for rotating scrubbing and high-pressure water flushing operations to clean the guardrail to ensure that it can be cleaned in all directions.

According to the cleanliness of the guardrail, two working modes of low-pressure water cleaning or high-pressure water cleaning can be selected. Switching between two different modes can achieve longer operating time and more economical operating efficiency.

The use of an intelligent control system enables integrated control of the electrical system and hydraulic system. This feature is simple to operate, and the driver can complete various actions in the cab.

A camera is installed at the roller brush, and the driver can instantly understand the status of the guardrail cleaning through the display installed under the front windshield to ensure good working results.