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New products are coming | Self-loading garbage trucks are “completely upgraded”

2021-06-16 16:24:13

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“Fulongma” self-loading garbage truck is a self-loading garbage truck developed for the terminal collection of garbage in bulk, bag, bin, and barrel, or underground parking lots with low traffic and loading operations.

The right side of the box is provided with a lifting mechanism for hanging barrels, pressing barrels, and supporting barrel structures

Can lift 120, 240 liters standard trash can

Convenient to put in bulk garbage such as bags and non-standard plastic buckets

The box body is equipped with a push plate mechanism with garbage collection and compression functions

Use box lifting and self-unloading method for unloading, high working efficiency

The Fulongma brand self-loading garbage truck can be widely used for the collection and transfer of bulk, bagged, barreled garbage in cities, towns, streets, residential areas, and underground parking lots.