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Electric Washing & Sweeping Truck – FLM5180TXSDTBEV

This truck is driven by pure electricity and has zero emissions. A single charge can meet the electricity demand for a whole day of work. The equipment adopts a lightweight design, its operation is humanized, and has intelligent control. Compared with traditional fuel trucks, this vehicle has low operating cost, stable motor operation, high operating reliability, and low operating noise, which can greatly improve the comfort of driving and operation for its operators.


Main Parameters

Main Parameters


Chassis Model


Chassis Motor Model/Rated Power (kW)


Chassis Battery Capacity (kWh)


Chassis Battery Type/Manufacturer

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery/CATL

Superstructure Motor Model/Mfn/Rated Power (kW)


Top Speed (km/h)


High Pressure Water Pump Model/Pressure (MPa)


Sweeping Width (m) /Working Speed (km/h)


Clean Water Tank volume (m3)


Garbage Tank Volume (m3)


Charging Time(h)

Fast Charging ≤2

Sweeping Range (km)

60(at a speed of 10km/h)

External Size (L*W*H) (mm)



The special device is equipped with an automatic start and stop function. When it needs to stop during the operation, the spray bars can be automatically retracted without manual operation, and it can automatically return to the original operation state when it resumes driving.

The intelligent and accurate water volume statistics function can accurately read the percentage of clean water volume through the display, allowing the driver to plan the work schedule more reasonably.

The dual-mode operation status can be switched seamlessly. When there are many light floating objects such as leaves, you can operate with one key on the operating screen in the cab to seamlessly switch to the leaf sweeping mode operation state to improve operational efficiency.

It is equipped with a large-capacity battery (314.14kWh) and a large-volume clean water tank (larger than 7m³), the truck has a curb weight of less than or equal to 12115kg, a larger load capacity, and lower driving energy consumption.

The company has in-depth cooperation with the Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University, through the CAE analysis and stress spectrum test benchmarking method, under the premise of meeting the performance strength, it can realize the lightweight of the truck at the same time.

The planning is reasonable to meet the overall plan of “one charge per day”, that is, one charge of electricity can meet the electricity demand for a day’s operation.