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Electric Washing & Sweeping Truck – FLM5120TXSDGBEVL

This truck is driven by pure electricity and has zero emissions. A single charge can meet the electricity demand for a whole day of work. The equipment adopts a lightweight design, its operation is humanized, and has intelligent control. Compared with traditional fuel trucks, this vehicle has low operating cost, stable motor operation, high operating reliability, and low operating noise, which can greatly improve the comfort of driving and operation for its operators.


Main Parameters    

Main Parameters    


Chassis Model


Chassis Motor Model/Rated Power (kW)


Chassis Battery Capacity (kWh)


Chassis Battery Type/Manufacturer

Lithium iron Phosphate Battery/CATL

Superstructure Motor Model/Mfr./Rated Power (kW)


Top Speed (km/h)


High Pressure Water Pump Model/Pressure (MPa)


Cleaning Width (m) /Working Speed (km/h)


Clean Water Tank Volume (m3)


Garbage Tank Volume (m3)


Charging Time (h)


External Size (L*W*H) (mm)



The truck’s configuration adopts a “center-mounted two-disc sweeper + center-mounted wide nozzle + built-in high-pressure main nozzle + left and right high-pressure side spray rods”. The high-pressure water pump is independently controlled by an electromagnetic clutch and has multiple operation modes such as full washing, full cleaning, and full sweeping.

The left and right spray bars are arranged in a V shape. The built-in main spray bar of the suction nozzle adopts a gapless nozzle arrangement, which can effectively collect sewage and garbage to the suction nozzle and absorb it in the sewage tank and garbage tank, leaving no dirt and water on the road after cleaning.

The sweeping discs and the side high-pressure flushing bars have an automatic obstacle avoidance function. The side high-pressure flushing bars also have a front and rear obstacle avoidance function. During the operation, the sweeping discs and the side flushing bars will automatically avoid obstacles to prevent components from damage. By using the tailgate sewage discharge valve, the truck can effectively separate sewage and sludge, and discharge the sewage separately at any time according to the sewage level in the tank.

The sweeping brush of this truck has automatic hydraulic distance adjustment technology, which can keep the contact force of the sweeping brush and the ground at a fixed value, so the sweeping brush can be automatically compensated after wear.

The optimized distribution of the clean water tank and sewage tank can effectively increase the volume and ensure a long continuous operation time. During the operation, the sewage can be discharged through the discharge valve, and then fresh water can be added at any time to continue the operation. There are multiple high-flow and high-pressure nozzles in the garbage tank for quick cleaning.

The center-mounted wide suction nozzle adopts hydraulic floating technology, which effectively extends the life of the rubber roller. The suction nozzle is equipped with a leaf sweeping function, and it uses an electric cylinder to control the opening.

The traffic light operation mode is a new addition, which can activate the start and stop of the high-pressure water cleaning system with one button.