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BEV Cleaning Sweeper Truck – FLM5120TXSDTBEVL

It is the latest innovative and advanced road cleaning vehicles with the function of sweeping and suction. It is mainly suitable for the mechanization cleaning operations in urban road, highway, airport. The truck has the advantages of high working efficiency, advanced and reliable technology, well designed appearance, applied multiple patents and the technology is in the domestic leading position.


Main Parameters

Battery Capacity (kWh) 


High-pressure pump pressure(MPa)


Maximum cleaning width (m)


Clear water tank volume (m³)


Dustbin volume (m³)



The vehicle adopts the configuration of “central two-disc sweep + mid-position wide suction nozzle + built-in high-pressure main nozzle + left and right high-pressure side spray rods”. The high-pressure water pump is independently controlled by the electromagnetic clutch, and has a variety of full cleaning, full cleaning and full scanning Operation mode, which combines road sweeping and cleaning functions, is multi-purpose for one vehicle and is available all year round.

The V-shaped arrangement of the left and right side spray rods and the nozzle-built main sprayer gap-free high-pressure nozzle water spray arrangement effectively collect all the cleaned sewage and garbage to the suction nozzle and absorb it in the sewage garbage bin, so that the road surface is not Dust and water retention, good pavement cleaning, sweeping and sewage recovery effect.

The sweep disc and the left and right high-pressure side spray rods have automatic obstacle avoidance functions, and the high-pressure side spray rods have front and rear obstacle avoidance functions. During the operation of the vehicle, the sweep discs and the side spray rods will automatically avoid obstacles to prevent damage to components.

The rear door sewage valve discharge device can effectively separate sewage and sludge and discharge the sewage separately at any time according to the sewage in the garbage bin, effectively prolonging the continuous operation time of the cleaning sweeper, and greatly improving the operation efficiency.

With hydraulic buffer type sweeping ground distance automatic adjustment technology, the contact force between the sweeping brush and the ground is maintained at a fixed value, and the contact surface between the sweeping brush and the ground remains unchanged. After the sweeping brush is worn, it can be automatically compensated (national patent technology) The auxiliary chain spring mechanical adjustment device ensures that the cleaning efficiency is not affected.

The optimal distribution of clean water tanks and sewage garbage bins, the use of effective space is maximized, and the continuous operation time is long. At the same time, the sewage can be discharged through the sewage pipe during the operation, and the water can be added at any time to continue the operation. There are multiple high-flow high-pressure nozzles in the garbage bin, which can quickly rinse the garbage bin.

The medium wide suction nozzle adopts hydraulic floating technology to effectively extend the life of the rubber roller; the nozzle is equipped with a leaf sweeping function, and the electronically controlled cylinder is used to control the opening of the feeding port.
Equipped with automatic winch and high-pressure cleaning gun, it can self-clean the whole car, and can also clean and remove “psoriasis” such as sidewalks and street advertisements.

It has a pneumatic net pipe antifreeze device, which can effectively ensure that the water spraying parts are not caused by structural damage due to icing.

It has a variety of safety alarm devices: low water level of clear water tank, high water level of sewage and garbage bin, operation prompt, reverse prompt, etc.

It can be equipped with a high-pressure spray device after the upper / lower to carry out dust and haze reduction operations.

Using the CAN bus control system, all actions can be performed in the cab. The display uses a 4.3-inch true color display CR0452, a variety of operating modes are directly displayed on the display, and has a good human-computer interaction interface.ifferent pages on the display can realize different operations and information display.

Install the traffic light mode of the cleaning operation. When the traffic light is stopped during the cleaning operation, there is no need to manually retract the sprinkler. When it resumes driving, it will automatically start to the original operating state.