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Natural Gas Washing & Sweeping Truck – FLM5080TXSDF6NGS

Fulongma brand natural gas scavenger chassis engine and auxiliary engine use natural gas fuel, adopt Dongfeng series chassis, and the emission reaches the national VI standard. It combines the functions of a Cleaning Sweeper Truck, has a variety of operation modes, is suitable for the cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and dust reduction operations of various road surfaces, and has the characteristics of high economic, environmental protection, safety, and driving comfort.


Main Parameters

Vehicle fuel

Natural Gas

Auxiliary Engine Model

Yuchai YC4FA90N-50

Sweeping Width (m) approx.


Dustbin Volume (m³)


Water Box Volume (m³)


High Pressure Water Pump Pressure(Mpa)  



Using natural gas as fuel, natural gas vehicles are clean energy vehicles, which have the advantages of economy, environmental protection, safety and driving comfort.

The high-pressure water pump is independently controlled, which can switch the road sweeping operation or cleaning operation function at any time. It integrates the road sweeping vehicle and the cleaning vehicle.

Operating device: central four-disk scanning + central V-shaped high-pressure nozzle + rear single suction nozzle structure configuration, the vehicle standard configuration operating mode has three operating modes: full cleaning, full cleaning, and full scanning.

The imported small flow high-pressure water pump has strong cleaning ability; the high-pressure centrifugal fan has strong suction ability.

The high-pressure cleaning system uses the “V-shaped nozzle and semi-circular suction nozzle gapless high-pressure nozzle device” arrangement.

The rear door butterfly valve sewage device is used to effectively separate sewage and sludge. The sewage can be discharged independently according to the sewage in the garbage bin at any time, effectively extending the continuous operation time of the cleaning sweeper and improving the operation efficiency.

The garbage bin has an automatic tipping and unloading function, and a high-pressure self-cleaning device is built in, which can quickly rinse the garbage bin.

Equipped with a high-pressure cleaning gun, it can self-clean the entire vehicle, and can also clean and remove “psoriasis” such as sidewalks and small street advertisements.

The left and right sections of the water spray stand have automatic obstacle avoidance function.

It has a variety of safety alarm devices: low water level of clean water tank, high water level of sewage and garbage bin, operation prompt, auxiliary engine water temperature, oil pressure, reverse prompt, etc.

The sweeping brush touchdown is controlled by hydraulic pressure plus mechanical adjustment to avoid the uneven situation of the sweeping brush touchdown caused by the road surface changes during the operation of the vehicle.

Using CAN bus control and intelligent control system, all actions can be performed in the cab.

The brush and spray bar device has obstacle avoidance protection function. Even if the brush or the bumper is encountered in front of the spray bar during vehicle operation, the brush spray bar can also achieve obstacle avoidance and completely protect the components from damage.

It has a pneumatic net pipe antifreeze device, which can completely remove the residual water in the waterway system, ensure that all components and pipelines are not frozen in winter, are protected from damage, and improve the use rate of vehicles in winter.

There is a sanitation vehicle road scrubbing device, which uses a sweep to clean the dust and dirt on the road surface. The high-pressure water curtain cleans the road surface. The cleaned sewage and dust garbage are collected at the suction nozzle and sucked into the garbage bin by negative pressure. Make the road clean.