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Electric Self-Loading & Dumping Garbage Truck – FLM5040ZZZNJBEVH

As a newly released small garbage collection and transportation vehicle, this truck is mainly used for the collection and short-distance transfer of standard 120L and 240L dustbins in residential communities and small streets and can be docked with large-scale compression garbage trucks for unloading.


Main Parameters

Main Parameters


Chassis Model


Chassis Motor Model


Chassis Motor Peak Power (kW)


Chassis Motor Rotating Speed/Torque (r/min/Nm)


Chassis Battery Capacity (kWh)


Travel Range {km)


Chassis Battery Mfr./Type/Model

CATL/Lithium Iron Phosphate/L173TB1

Fast Charging Time (h)


Top Speed (km/h)


Garbage Tank Volume (m3)


Height of the Tipped Garbage Tank(mm)


Loading Cycle Time (s)


Dumping Cycle Time (s)


Compression Cycle Time (s)


Garbage Tank Dumping Angle (°)


External Size (L*W*H) (mm)



The tank body of the truck can be made of stainless steel to ensure that it does not rust and that it has a long service life.

The structure of the truck is novel, for the feeding and unloading ports are designed above the tank body. The top of the garbage tank is designed with a feeding opening covering mechanism, which can seal the feeding opening to ensure no leakage during transportation and prevent secondary pollution.

The truck uses clean energy, has the characteristics of low operating costs, zero exhaust emissions, and is clean and environmentally friendly. The truck is highly maneuverable and can be used for garbage collection in residential areas or small alleys.

The garbage tank lifting mechanism is unique in design, which can be stowed while driving to reduce the rear overhang, increase the departure angle, and improve the maneuverability of the truck. The lifting device can lift standard dustbins with volumes of 120L, 240L, and 660L.The truck is equipped with a scraper mechanism, which can effectively regulate the garbage and greatly increase the garbage loading capacity.

The garbage tank adopts the tipping and self-unloading method and can be docked with a large compression garbage truck to improve the efficiency of garbage transfer and prevent loading and unloading pollution.

The truck’s operating system is optimized and controlled by hydraulic multi-way valves. The device is durable, reliable, simple, and convenient to operate, and can reduce the labor intensity of the operator.