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BEV Self-loading Garbage Truck – FLM5040ZZZDTBEVH

In order to actively respond to the national new energy policy and meet the needs of new energy products in the market, Fulongma has made every effort to build the latest “pure electric self-loading garbage truck”. As a newly launched small garbage collection and transportation vehicle, this vehicle is mainly used for the collection and short-distance transfer of standard 120L and 240L barreled garbage in residential areas and small streets, and can be docked and unloaded with large compression garbage trucks.


Main Parameters

Dustbin volume (m³) 


Discharge cycle time (s)


Lifting device working cycle time (s)  



The structure is novel. The feeding / unloading port is designed above the box body. At the same time, the combined design of the scraper and slide plate can effectively cover the feeding port to ensure that no garbage is scattered during the transportation process and prevent secondary pollution.

The new type trash bin lift is compatible with three standard trash cans with a capacity of 120L, 240L, 660L, and two 120L or 240L trash cans;
The configuration of the combined compression mechanism of the vehicle scraper skateboard effectively compresses the garbage and greatly increases the vehicle’s garbage load;

The garbage bin adopts the form of tipping and dumping, and is equipped with a scraper-slider combined compression mechanism, which avoids the interference of the scraper and the compression truck when docking with the large compression garbage truck, improves the docking reliability, and improves the efficiency of garbage transfer

The operating system is equipped with two control modes: wire control handle and fixed control box on the right side, which increases the flexibility of operation, and the operation of the wire control handle is convenient for personnel to observe the loading and unloading situation of the vehicle.

The cab is designed with a warning light for the box not returning, which reminds the driver that the waste bin is not returning, improving the safety of vehicle operation.

The rear of the vehicle is equipped with illuminated work lights, which is convenient for working in a dark environment.

Optional stainless steel box to ensure no rust and long service life.