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Electric Road Maintenance Truck – FLM5040TYHJSBEV

The model is compact, flexible, fully equipped, versatile, easy to operate, and reliable in operation. It is very suitable for cleaning operations such as road cleaning, dirty spot removal, trash can cleaning, and small advertisement removal in urban sidewalks, pedestrian streets, and other areas.


Main Parameters

Main Parameters


Chassis Model


Chassis Motor Model / Power(kW)


Chassis Motor Type/Cooling Method

PMSM/Water Cooling

Chassis Motor Manufacturer

RiseSun MGL

Chassis Battery Type/Capacity (kWh)


Top Speed (km/h)


Travel Range (km)


Water Tank Volume (m3)


Cleaning Width (m)


Continuously Working Time (min/Full Tank)

Front Cleaning & Hand Push Cleaning 60/Water Gun≥240

Front Sprayer Pressure (MPa)


High-pressure Pump FLow(L/min)


High-pressure Pump Rated Pressure (MPa)


High-pressure Pump Motor Power (kW)


External Size (L*W*H) (mm)



The high-pressure water pump of this model adopts stepless speed regulation, which can adjust the speed of the high-pressure water pump steplessly in the cab according to the road conditions. On the premise of achieving the cleaning effect, it can extend the working time and improve endurance.

The cleaning device of the truck consists of a front cleaning device, a columnar single-point cleaning device, a manual spray gun, and a hand-push cleaning device. The device has diversified cleaning functions and can meet the cleaning and maintenance work of roads with different pollution levels.

When the front cleaning device is working, the high-pressure water flow can form a complete cleaning curtain. It can be controlled by a hydraulic cylinder to rotate up and down by 12° and swing around 20°.

Good cleaning effect. The operation of the column-shaped single-point cleaning device is all-electric control, and the driver can complete the operation in the cab. The device can swing up, down, left, and right in all directions, and is suitable for removing local dirt on roads.

The truck is equipped with a manual high-pressure spray gun at the rear and together with a 20-meter hose. To cope with various working conditions, it is equipped with 4 kinds of professional nozzles, which are the nemesis of small advertisements posted on the street.

The truck is also equipped with a lightweight, compact water broom with a splash-proof protective cover, which can clean and sweep areas such as roadside rest benches, narrow platforms, and walls. The front of the truck body is equipped with a down-view camera, which can be used to observe the road condition and cleaning effect at any time through the color LCD screen in the cab.