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Diesel Sweeper Truck – FLMSY18A

The FULONGMA small diesel street sweeper uses fuel as its power and has the functions of road sweeping, high-pressure water cleaning, and sewage recycling. The whole machine has a beautiful appearance, good maneuverability, and strong cleaning ability. It is especially suitable for cleaning operations in areas where large road sweepers cannot or are inconvenient to enter, such as urban auxiliary roads, narrow roads, non-motorized vehicle lanes, sidewalks, pedestrian streets, scenic belts, parks, schools, scenic spots, and residential areas. It is especially suitable for supplementary cleaning operations on roads and streets in urban traffic during the day.


Main Parameters

Sweeping Width(m)


Maximum Speed(km/h)


Maximum Suction Granularity(mm)


Fuel Tank Volume(L)


Water Tank Capacity(L)


Garbage Tank Volume(L)



The width of the street sweeper is only 1210 mm, it can enter very narrow places, and the minimum turning radius is only 2.5m, which can easily turn around on roads less than 6m wide. It can sweep a 360° circle around a tree.

The sweeper has a high configuration and is equipped with: British (Perkins) engine, Danfoss hydraulic pump, German Grammer (GRAMMER) air suspension seat, Italian UDOR (UDOR) high-pressure water pump, and other high-end configurations to ensure reliable performance.

Materials are all lightweight selection. The trash tank body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. Structural parts such as a suction nozzle and suction tube adopt a stainless-steel structure. The clean water tank and various operation boxes and covering parts are all made of high-strength PE or FRP materials and are formed by integral molds. This makes the vehicle lightweight, high-strength, and beautiful.

It adopts the synchronous lifting structure of the front two vertical sweeping and front suction nozzle.

It adopts a hydraulic brake and front-wheel drum parking brake.

The variable plunger pump and quantitative plunger motor hydrostatic drive system are adopted to ensure safety and practicability.