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Natural Gas Washing & Sweeping Truck – FLM5180TXSDG6NGL

Fulongma brand natural gas scavenger chassis engine and auxiliary engine use natural gas fuel, adopt Dongfeng series chassis, and the emission reaches the national VI standard. It combines the functions of a Cleaning Sweeper Truck, has a variety of operation modes, is suitable for the cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and dust reduction operations of various road surfaces, and has the characteristics of high economic, environmental protection, safety, and driving comfort.


Main Parameters

Vehicle fuel

Natural Gas

Auxiliary Engine Model

Yuchai YC4G180N-50

Sweeping Width (m) approx.


Dustbin Volume (m³)


Water Box Volume (m³)


High Pressure Water Pump Pressure(Mpa)  



Using natural gas as fuel, natural gas vehicles are clean energy vehicles, which have the advantages of economy, environmental protection, safety and driving comfort.

The garbage bin adopts the frame structure and the large curvature of the side. The box body is evenly stressed, with strong structural performance and beautiful appearance.

Operating device adopts the layout of “central two-disk scanning + central wide suction nozzle + built-in high-pressure main spray bar + left and right high-pressure side spray bar”.

The V-shaped arrangement of the left and right side spray rods and the nozzle-built main sprayer gap-free high-pressure nozzle water spray arrangement effectively collect all the cleaned sewage and garbage to the suction nozzle and absorb it in the sewage garbage bin, so that the road surface is Dust and water retention, good pavement cleaning, sweeping and sewage recovery effect.

The sewage discharge device can effectively separate the sewage and sludge and discharge the sewage separately according to the sewage in the garbage bin at any time, effectively prolong the continuous operation time of the sweeping truck, and greatly improve the operation efficiency.

The disc sweeping device has a hydraulic buffer type sweeping ground distance automatic adjustment technology to keep the contact force of the sweeping brush and the ground at a fixed value, and the contact surface of the sweeping brush and the ground remains unchanged. Manual adjustment to ensure that the cleaning efficiency is not affected.

The clean water tank and garbage bin are made of stainless steel, which will never corrode.

Equipped with a low-pressure sprinkler system, there is a left-side columnar side flush, right-side columnar side flush device, and the nozzle can be adjusted.

It has various safety alarm devices: low water level of clear water tank, high water level of sewage and garbage bin, hydraulic oil leakage, operation reminder, water temperature of auxiliary engine, oil pressure, reminder of reversing, etc.

Adopt CAN bus intelligent control system to realize intelligent centralized control of electricity, liquid and gas. The driver can complete various actions in the cab through the display screen and understand the vehicle operating conditions, operating parameters and fault information.

The disk scanning device has obstacle avoidance protection and reset functions, and the left and right high-pressure side spray bars have bidirectional automatic obstacle avoidance protection and reset functions.
The central wide suction nozzle has a hydraulic floating function, which effectively extends the life of the rubber roller.

The high-pressure water pump is separated and combined with a pneumatic clutch, which works softly and has long service life.

Pneumatic net pipe anti-freezing device can effectively ensure that the water spraying parts are not damaged by ice due to structural damage.

There is a sanitation vehicle road scrubbing device, which uses a sweep to clean the dust and dirt on the road surface. The high-pressure water curtain cleans the road surface. The cleaned sewage and dust garbage are collected at the suction nozzle and sucked into the garbage bin by negative pressure, Make the road clean.