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Single Engine Washing & Sweeping Truck – FLM5180TXSDF6SD

In order to meet the demand for energy-saving and consumption-reducing products in the market, Fulongma has been striving to build an “oil-electric power decoupling single-engine Cleaning Sweeper Truck”. Compared with the dual power output system of the main and auxiliary engines of traditional urban cleaning vehicles, the auxiliary engine is eliminated, which effectively reduces the energy consumption and emissions of the entire vehicle. Decoupling is a technological innovation in the sanitation equipment industry.


Main Parameters

Auxiliary Engine Model


Sweeping Width (m) approx.


Dustbin Volume (m³)


Water Box Volume (m³)


High Pressure Water Pump Pressure(Mpa)  



High-efficiency fuel-saving: the comprehensive fuel consumption of hybrid electric-electric scrubbing vehicles is reduced by more than 20% compared with conventional power cleaning vehicles.

Power decoupling: The driving power of the hybrid electric power system is relatively independent of the driving power of the chassis, which realizes the power decoupling of the single-shot washing vehicle. It breaks through the industry problem that the operating speed of the single-shot car sweeper fan and water pump does not change with the change of the chassis engine speed, and ensures the stable operation state under various chassis driving conditions.

Convenient maintenance: Compared with the conventional auxiliary engine, the top drive motor is easy to maintain, the maintenance cost is low, and the maintenance cost is low.

Convenient operation: support one-click fixed-speed cruise and fixed operation mode, convenient operation and more stable operation state.

Superior performance: the conventional power four-disk sweeping high-quality cleaning truck is equipped with a working device, and the cleaning rate of the cleaning operation is as high as 97%.

System stability: The power output control system adopts BOSCH control system, which is stable and reliable.

Safe and reliable: The hybrid electric power system has no high-voltage constant current, which is safer than the pure electric system. It adopts the American Eaton technology safety protection framework. All power components have waterproof and dustproof ratings of IP67 and above, and the power system is safe and reliable.

Intelligent control: the bodywork control system adopts CAN bus intelligent control system, imported controller, 7-inch LCD screen in the cab to realize one-key control of each working condition, and at the same time real-time display of various operating parameters, intelligent centralized control of electricity, liquid and gas Optimization of operation parameters.

Green and environmental protection: Compared with conventional power cleaning vehicles, hybrid electric and electric cleaning vehicles can effectively reduce the energy consumption and emission pollution of the whole vehicle, and are environmentally friendly.

The working device adopts the “central four-disk scanning + central V-shaped water spray frame + central double suction nozzle narrow nozzle structure” layout form, with a variety of operating modes to achieve road cleaning, cleaning, washing and dust suction.

With hydraulic buffer type sweeping ground distance automatic adjustment technology, the contact force between the sweeping brush and the ground is kept at a fixed value, and the contact surface between the sweeping brush and the ground remains unchanged. After the sweeping brush is worn, it can be automatically compensated without manual adjustment. Ensure that the cleaning efficiency is not affected.

The waste bin adopts double oil cylinders for self-unloading and unloading. There is also a low-pressure large-flow washing device in the box, which can quickly wash the waste bin.

Optional multi-angle shoulder cleaning nozzle can be adapted to various shoulder heights, effectively removing garbage from dead ends of the shoulder.

It has various safety alarm devices: low water level of clear water tank, high water level of sewage and garbage bin, hydraulic oil leakage, operation reminder, water temperature of auxiliary engine, oil pressure, reminder of reversing, etc.

The left and right sprinklers have obstacle avoidance protection and reset functions.