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Street Sweeping Truck – FLM5070TSLQL6

This vehicle is a new generation road sweeper combining sweeping and suction developed by FULONGMA. It is mainly suitable for mechanized cleaning and sweeping operations in city streets, municipal squares, and large factories and mines. The truck has high operating efficiency, advanced and reliable technical performance, beautiful appearance, and has distinctive FULONGMA brand characteristics.





Chassis Model


Emission Standard

China VI

Chassis Engine Model/Power (kW)


Auxiliary Engine Model/Power (kW)


Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)


Top Speed (km/h)


Washing Width (m)


Washing Ability (㎡/h)


Working Speed (km/h)


Sweep Rate (%)


Stainless Garbage Tank VoLume (m3)


Stainless Water Tank Volume (m3)


Dimension (LxWxH)(mm)



Sweeping device type: central four-pan sweep + rear suction nozzle, the sweeping pan can automatically avoid obstacles. The sweeping pan has up to 3 operating modes: full sweep, left sweep (optional), right sweep (optional), which can sweep and vacuum the road.

Nozzle: Adopts a roll sweeping enhanced suction nozzle with built-in roll sweep to prevent garbage leakage. The three-point floating support of the rolling rubber wheel can adapt to the cleaning requirements of different road surfaces, which is the first in China. Optional new leaf sweeping nozzle with national patent technology protection. Equipped with a pneumatic net pipe antifreeze device, which can effectively ensure that the water spray parts will not be structurally damaged due to icing.

It has a drainage and leakage prevention device, which can effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt and prevent secondary pollution caused by dirt falling back to the ground and blocking the garbage suction pipe.

All fasteners are galvanized. Sweeping discs, suction nozzles, and other structural parts are treated by electrostatic spraying after pickling and phosphating, with strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance of the coating.

The container is made of a single-layer integral stainless-steel material with high structural strength and no corrosion. The FLM5110TSLQL6 garbage tank adopts a double-layer structure, and the lower layer is a sewage tank with high strength and no corrosion.