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Self-loading & Dumping Garbage Truck – FLM5030ZZZFS6H

As the new generation of the garbage truck, its operation method has developed through innovation. It is a multifunctional product with advanced performance, beautiful appearance, and is durable and reliable performance. It can be widely used in the collection and transfer of domestic garbage and medical garbage in areas such as downtown, residential areas, hotels, hospitals, etc.





Chassis Model


Emission Standard

China VI

Engine Model/Power (kW)




Top Speed (km/h)


Garbage Tank Volume (m3)


Lifter Cycle Time (s)


Tank Dumping Cycle Time (s)


Tank Dumping Angle (°)


Dimension (Lx Wx H) (mm)



The tank body is made of a high-strength manganese steel plate to ensure that it will not rust, which prolongs its service life.

The structure of the truck is unique, since the feeding/discharging port is designed above the container. At the same time, the combined design of the scraper and the sliding plate can effectively cover the feeding port to ensure that the sewage does not leak and that the garbage does not spill during the transportation process, effectively preventing secondary pollution.

The truck is highly maneuverable and can be used for garbage collection in residential areas or small alleys.

The new-style dustbin lifting mechanism is unique in design, which can lift two 120L or 240L dustbins at the same time. Additionally, optional truck scraper or sliding plate combined compression mechanism configuration can effectively compress garbage and greatly increase the garbage loading capacity of the truck.

Compatible with three standard dustbin lifting mechanisms of 120L, 240L, and 660L. The garbage tank adopts the tipping and self-unloading form and is equipped with a scraper and sliding plate combined compression mechanism. When docking with a large garbage compactor truck, it can avoid the interference of the scraper and the garbage compactor truck, improving the docking reliability and garbage transfer efficiency.

The rear part of the truck is equipped with work lights, which is convenient for working in a dark environment.