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New intelligent system fosters more ‘polite’ washing and sweeping trucks

2021-09-29 16:15:07

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Cleaning and sweeping truck can be used in urban roads, large factory areas, gardens, and other areas to clean the road surface. You can choose different modes during operation, and turn on the spray system to remove the dust. It is a must have in the arsenal of any city beautification.

washing and sweeping trucks

However, the stalwart defenders of the city’s cleanliness still have some shortcomings. Refitted from larger trucks, these vehicles have numerous blind spots, which can cause many issues. For instance, pedestrians are often hit by the sprinkler system due to these blind spots and the inability to urgently turn off the system.

To allay this problem, FULONGMA has developed a new “intelligent sprinkler control system”. With this system, the cleaning and sweeping truck can automatically identify pedestrians and bicycles and simultaneously shut off the water valve to stop spraying water. In this way, the driver can focus on the cleaning and not worry about spraying pedestrians, greatly improving efficiency and safety of sanitation work.

washing and sweeping trucks

FULONGMA’s Guangxi factory has already begun installing, testing and implementing the “intelligent sprinkler control system”, which means this new generation of intelligent sprinkler trucks will be coming to your city’s streets and alleys soon.

The intelligent system can analyze and process data in real time to ensure the water valve is closed immediately upon identifying pedestrians or bicycles and reopened once they are out of proximity. This new feature heralds a new generation of gallant cleaning and sweeping trucks, not only benefiting the drivers by all citizens.

In the future, FULONGMA’s Guangxi company will continue to introduce new equipment and new technologies to further enhance AI powered urban sanitation, improve the efficiency and safety of urban sanitation work, and help Guangxi build a smart, environmentally friendly, clean and beautiful city.