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Introduction of Fulongma road sweeper

2021-03-25 16:15:02

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Fulongma road sweeper is a new generation of suction sweeper series of road sweeping vehicles. It has a beautiful appearance, strong corrosion-resistance, strong sweeping ability, and high sweeping cleanness. It is suitable for mechanized cleaning and cleaning operations of cement concrete pavements and asphalt concrete pavements such as highways, urban roads, viaducts, squares, airports, docks, etc.

Introduction of Fulongma road sweeper

The road sweeper is composed of two parts: the second-class chassis of the automobile and the special working device.

Introduction of Fulongma road sweeper

Vehicle outline drawing

1. Vice engine

The auxiliary engine is the power source for the special working devices of the road sweeper to perform the cleaning operation. Power is taken from the front end of the engine, the hydraulic oil pump is driven by the belt, and the action of the cleaning device is realized through the relevant hydraulic actuators; the power is taken from the rear end of the engine, and the fan is driven to run through the clutch and pulley.

2. Fan

Introduction of Fulongma road sweeper

A fan is a machine that relies on the input mechanical energy to increase the gas pressure and discharge the gas. It is a driven fluid machine, mainly composed of an impeller, a casing, an air inlet, a bracket, a motor, a pulley, a coupling, a muffler, and transmission Components (bearings), and other components.

3. Cleaning device

Introduction of Fulongma road sweeper

The structure of the cleaning device is mainly composed of a mounting bracket, a connecting rod, a sweeping plate, a hydraulic motor, an adjusting screw barrel, a lifting cylinder, and sand retaining plate. Through the rotation of the sweeper, the garbage is swept to the middle of the road sweeper, and the garbage is sucked away by the suction nozzle.

4. Nozzle device

Introduction of Fulongma road sweeper

The nozzle device is composed of a nozzle, a roller, a straw, and a multi-degree-of-freedom lifting mechanism.
The air in the dustbin is drawn by the fan at a high speed to form a strong negative pressure, thereby forming a high-speed supplementary airflow at the suction nozzle, and the dust around the suction nozzle is sucked into the dustbin by pneumatic conveying to realize the suction and sweeping function.

5. Cabinet

The road sweeper box is composed of four parts: a power cover, a clean water tank, a trash box, and a sub-frame. The clean water tank is used to load clean water for low-pressure water system use. It is equipped with a level gauge, a wave plate, a water level sensor, and an air outlet. Wait. The trash can is used to store sewage and garbage and is equipped with a coarse filter, a back door, a waterproof ball valve, and an observation window. The sub-frame is used to install the oil cylinder, sub-engine, fan, and other components.

6. Hydraulic system

Introduction of Fulongma road sweeper

The hydraulic system of the road sweeper consists of power take-offs, gear pumps, relief valves, throttle valves, reversing valves, integrated blocks, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, and other components.

7. Electrical system

Introduction of Fulongma road sweeper

The top-mounted electrical system is composed of an electric control box, auxiliary engine electrical components, and solenoid valves. The electric control box is installed in the cab and used for the ignition of the auxiliary engine and the control of solenoid valves, combined warning lights, etc., fan speed, auxiliary engine water temperature, and oil pressure monitoring.

The air control system is composed of a chassis air source, triple parts, cylinders, etc., and is used to control the action of the auxiliary engine pneumatic clutch and sand retaining plate.

8. Sprinkler system

The sprinkler system is composed of a water pump, a water filter, a control valve, and a nozzle. It acts on the sweeping plate and the suction nozzle to reduce dust and secondary pollution.