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Multi-functional Dust Suppression Truck – FLM5250TDYYJ6

The multifunctional dust suppression truck is a new generation product independently developed by FULONGMA. The truck has the characteristics of reliable operation, long-range water mist, good atomization effect, and low water consumption. It can be used in haze control, dust removal and cooling in urban streets, dust suppression in industrial and mining enterprises, and spraying and disinfection in public places and green gardens.





Chassis Model


Emission Standard

China VI

Chassis Engine Model/Power (kW)


Top Speed (km/h)


Sprinkling Pump Flow(L/min)


Washing Width (m)


Sprinkling Width (m)


Air-bLow Mist Cannon Model

FW-D120,FW-D100,FW-Y120 (Hydraulic)

Generator Set Model/Power (kW)


Rated Voltage of Generator Set (V)


Spray Range (m)


Spray Height (m) 


Water Tank Volume (L)


Dimension (Lx Wx H) (mm)



It adopts an environmentally friendly dust-removing air-blow mist cannon, with compact structure, long-range, small mist particles, and can be operated manually or remotely. All tasks can be carried out in the cab through the camera.

With the front sprinkler function, it can be used not only for daily sprinkling and dust reduction operations but also for road cleaning operations. Optional low-pressure pre-cleaning and post-sprinkling functions.

The waterway control of the truck adopts a highly reliable, pollution-free advanced pneumatic system, which is convenient and flexible to operate.

The rear part of the body can be optionally equipped with a high-pressure water gun. It is flexible to operate and can be used to spray objects of various heights, and can clean filthy corners that are not easy to reach. It also has the functions of auxiliary firefighting and landscaping watering, and the shape of the sprayed water can be adjusted into a column or mist.

The structure of the truck is compact and reasonable. The tank has a large volume and a long working time. The water tank is also equipped with a low water level sensor alarm system, which can automatically sound when the water level is low.

The speed of the mist cannon water pump can be adjusted easily to control the air and water volume and adjust the range and working time of the spray system.