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Multi-functional Dust Suppression Truck – FLM5250TDYDF6

This new generation of Multi-functional dust suppression truck is developed independently by our company. It has the advantages of easy and reliable operation, far water spraying range and water saving, etc. It is suitable for city haze reduce, dust falling and cooling, can be used for dust suppression in mining enterprises and also can be used for garden greening spraying.


Main Parameters

Genset Model

Yuchai YCW-188T5

Rated Power of Generator Set(kW)


Rated Voltage of Generator Set(V)


Water Tank Volume(m³)


Maximum Spray Range(m)


Maximum Spray Height(m)


Spray Volume(L/min)


Spray Water Pressure(Mpa)


Nozzle Pitch Angle(°)


Horizontal Rotation Angle(°)



Optional sprayer with spray distance of 120 meters

The vehicle-mounted NRMM III generator set is used to provide power, and the output voltage of the generator is automatically adjusted by an automatic voltage regulator without manual adjustment.

Adopting environmentally friendly dust-removing air-spray sprayer, compact structure, long range, fine mist particles, large coverage area, can be operated manually or remotely. All operations can be performed in the cab through the camera.

The sprayer can rotate 90° left and right by micro motor, and the hydraulic system can control the pitch angle up to -10° ~ 60°, the angle change speed is fast, and the work efficiency is high.

The sprayer is equipped with an emergency stop button, which is safe and reliable.

The low-pressure system adopts a self-priming two-stage centrifugal pump, and the water pump is driven by the power of the chassis engine; it adopts the domestic first low-level flushing working mode.

With front sprinkling function, it can be used not only for daily sprinkling, for humidification and dust reduction operations, but also for pavement cleaning operations. Low-pressure front cleaning and rear watering functions are optional.

Equipped with left and right center cylindrical side punching device, the nozzle can be adjusted.

The whole vehicle waterway control adopts a highly reliable and pollution-free advanced pneumatic system, which is convenient and flexible to operate.

A high water spray gun can be installed at the rear of the car body. The high water spray gun is flexible in operation and can be used to spray objects of various heights. It can remove some sanitation dead spots that are not easy to clean. It also has the functions of paving fire and greening sprinkler , The spray gun can be adjusted to be cylindrical or mist.

The switch control valve and the sprinkler system pipes are made of corrosion-resistant materials. The tank body is made of Q235B steel plate, and the inside is treated by a special process to prevent corrosion. Stainless steel tanks are also optional.

The water tank is equipped with a low water level sensor alarm system, which can automatically alarm when the water level is low.

The fan and water pump of the sprayer are all started by the inverter, which can adjust the speed of the fan and the speed of the pump steplessly, control the amount of air and water, and control the range and working time of the spray system.

It can be used as an emergency power supply vehicle and can provide 220V and 380V.

A 200-mesh high-precision water filter is used to effectively filter impurities in the working water and avoid nozzle clogging.

The air cylinder adopts double-wall noise reduction technology to effectively reduce the operation noise of the air cylinder.

The self-made spray electric control system adopts imported PLC as the control core, which is combined with the control mode of the cab touch screen and remote control, which can conveniently control the sprayer’s direction, power output, working mode, etc., and spray Each action limit of the machine shall be restrained accordingly to ensure the safety of the equipment.

The fan control is intelligent, which can realize the functions of automatic return to center and automatic left and right circulating operation.

The hydraulic system of the dual-cylinder is used in the pitch system to make the spray equipment run more smoothly. Especially during the operation of the dust-suppression vehicle while driving, the dual-cylinder structure effectively guarantees the safety of the equipment.

Fan motor and water pump motor are controlled by frequency converter, which ensures energy saving, stability, reliability, controllability and safety of the equipment. The sprayer electric control box can monitor the current, voltage and frequency of the sprayer in real time, and all the key electrical originals in the electric control box are imported originals. The imported circuit breaker can also respond to the unsafe current of the equipment in a timely and effective manner to ensure the overall safety of the equipment.

The spray system uses a three-cylinder plunger high-pressure water pump with a maximum pressure of 2Mpa, which enhances the atomization effect during spraying operations and ensures the operating range of the sprayer.