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Movable Refuse Compactor – ZTX09

The movable refuse compactor is made with advanced technology and integrates “sealing, deodorizing, compressing and storing” into one, achieving the necessity of neatness, beauty, safety, high efficiency, and environmental protection. The characteristics of “one car with multiple boxes” and “small footprint” meet the diversified requirements of existing urban garbage disposal.


Main Parameters

Dustbin volume (m³)


Compression chamber volume (m³)


Compression ratio


Compression cycle time (s)



The lightweight design of the box body is made of high-strength wear-resistant steel plates and high-strength weather-resistant steel plates welded together. The compression box and the garbage bin are connected by a frameless frame, which has few reinforcing ribs, beautiful appearance, light weight, high structural strength, and corrosion resistance.

The compression mechanism adopts lightweight design, the linkage plate is bent as a whole, with good strength, light weight and less welding. The compression head is designed with hyperbolic shape, which is welded with high-strength wear-resistant steel plate and high-strength steel plate, which effectively improves compression The crushing and compression efficiency of the head to the garbage, the oil cylinders are arranged in cross, and the open hinged seat is adopted, which effectively reduces the difficulty of maintenance.

Equipped with automatic forced air cooler to control the temperature of the hydraulic system, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the hydraulic system of the waste bin while saving energy.

Equipped with multiple safety protection devices, such as power key lock, emergency stop button, swing arm cylinder safety device, etc.
The automatic buffer device of the feeding mechanism with independent intellectual property rights is adopted to solve the problem that the noise of the mobile garbage compression box is too loud during the loading work and it is easy to damage the trash can.

The side feeding door safety device stops the system when there are maintenance personnel in the compression chamber, which can avoid casualties caused by people in the garbage bin and improve operation safety.

Using PLC microcomputer control, the system runs stably and reliably, and has a high degree of intelligence.

Real-time monitoring of the current operation of the system through the text display screen, full load indication of the cabinet, real-time display of system pressure and equipment operating status;

The lifting hopper buffer system with independent intellectual property rights ensures the speed of the hopper’s ascent and descent process and reduces the impact of the hopper on the ground.

The hydraulic system device with independent intellectual property rights is adopted. This device solves the problems that the hydraulic system working at the same time due to the differential compression operation and the feeding operation cannot be performed at the same time, causing garbage collectors and compressor operators to wait for each other and work efficiency is low.

Equipped with a rapid discharge device with independent intellectual property rights, the device solves the problem of difficulty in self-unloading due to the freezing of garbage when operating at low temperatures.

Equipped with independent sewage design, to avoid excessive sewage in the tank and reduce the burden of staff, to avoid secondary pollution.

Equipped with an independent intellectual property rights adjustable rear door sealing device, to avoid the secondary pollution of garbage dripping, sprinkling, and leakage during the transfer process, and at the same time improve the service life of the rubber strip.